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Limp clutch pedal - fluid has dissapeared!

Red Currant Bun

In Third Gear
My series 3 ( swb, 2.25L, petrol) has been garaged for a few years. She started first time but the clutch pedal was completely limp when depressed and the clutch did not work. Hopped out and checked the reservoir and it was empty. Filled up the clutch reservoir and following a few pumps, the clutch worked again and the fluid level did not go down.

Daft question but where did all the clutch fluid dissapear too. There is no leak on the ground what so ever, no leak on the master or slave cylinder. Has it leaked into the slave cylinder or into the bell housing?

What is the most probable cause. What should be checked or is something about to go bang!

Thanks very much.

If it's leaked from the master cylinder it owuld most likely have ended up on the clutch pedal / floor of the cab. Could be it leaked very slowly over a long period and had now evaporated.

Keep an eye on the level and if it goes down you will need to look more closely for a leak from either the master or slave.

And yes, one day, one or the other will go pop!
I should imagine its probably sitting in the bottom of the gearbox bellhouseing, having leaked out of the master cylinder over time. There may be no oil on the garage floor as the threaded hole on the bottom of the bell houseing, that is there to let any oil drip out may be bunged up with crud. Have a quick look.

As previously said it could have leaked out of the master cylinder leaving drip marks don the engine side of the bulkhead. My money is on the slave cylinder tho.

Keep an eye on it, if in doubt replace it, its not expensive just a little fiddly.
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