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Liquid from rocker cover bolt


I'll try my best to explain this one.

Once again my paranoia of engine problems has got the better of me, so here goes.. The top of my engine (the rocker cover, right? The bit that has the oil filler cap on..) has a "puddle" around the bolt in the middle of the engine. It's not a puddle, it looks like it's wet, only I guess it's oil because it never dries, if you see what I mean. It's not very much, as I gave the engine a good washing a couple of months ago, and its only made a mark a couple of inches wide. What does this mean? Does the bolt just need tightening?

Sorry for my newbie-ness once again; I'm still learning!
Don't worry about it, the oil travels up the threads of the bolts and makes them a bit oily. The front bolt on mine is the same. Could always take them out and put some instant gasket round them I suppose! Try tightening them if you like, just remember when you tighten them your squashing the gasket down so I wouldn't tighten them much.
I wouldn't worry personally though, I'm sure all the oil won't leak out from there:D

Cheers, Ben
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