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Locking wheelnuts


Shifting Up
Hi guys,
Do any of you knowledgeable lot know how i can remove the locking wheel nuts from my Disco ?
The key nut is either lost/stolen or run away....

I've been to the dealer i bought the car from (ages ago) and he has not seen it or found it.
All Barrets ( my local main dealer) can suggest is to weld an old nut to the lock nut so that it can be removed...they have no records of serial no's for the age of the vehicle, 1994 M.
My local garage man just scratches his head.

I'm going to need some new tyres very soon, so need to get them off....any ideas?

Please help.

If they are genuine Land Rover locking nuts then there are only four lock variations:eek:, so i would check with the dealer to define the type.
Had two suited types from spares/service look at it and they recond that although they were the type fitted by Landrover at the time , because of the age they didn't have serial no's to check.....and they had nothing to remove them with !

Silly suggestion no doubt... but have you tried undoing yours with other ppls lock-nuts. Go on a mission to ask as many landy owners as poss if their key fits your nuts.
Go to a decent local tyre bay (ie not big chain Kwik Fit types) and I bet thay can get them off. My local tyre bay always got the alloys of my 90 without having to use my key
go in to a dealer and get the parts department to try the 4 types then order the part. ABCD?

This the best option, the 'suits' never know what they are talking about. Always talk to the parts guys, nearly everyone i have spoken to knows his stuff!!
This the best option, the 'suits' never know what they are talking about. Always talk to the parts guys, nearly everyone i have spoken to knows his stuff!!
mate lost his lockingg nut socket. So we found a slightly smaller socket and hammered it on the nut. did all four no problems and no damage to wheels. bu**er getting wheel bolt out of socket though. (Vice and hammer) Need 4 new wheel nuts afterwards though

Or try these. http://www.toolsinstock.com/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=15463
As mentioned already the easiest way is to go to a tyre fitter. The tool they use is quite readily available though, my local diy shop sell them. You need an air wrench to operate them properly though.
Park it around manchester and i bet the wheels will be taken off my some 10 year old kid.

I parked a brand new coach at a club in manchester and when i went in to get something to eat the door man said dont leave it to long ..about 10 mins later when i went out the rear (yes rear) of the coach was jacked up and all but 3 wheelnuts were off the wheel.

I would say the kids were aged between 9 and 13 at the time.. mind you i got a volvo 12 ton jack out of it:D

brand new scannia coach with alloys.

Thanks for the all the replies, will try some local tyre places tomorrow.....if that fails will try the main dealer again....if that fails i'll send for the removal tool and get my garage to use it.

Thanks again ....any more ideas welcomed......

Just had them removed at my local tyre shop.....easy ! lost your lock nut sir, no problem.....job done.!
Makes you wonder why it would be such a problem for a Land rover main dealer doesn't it.Thanks for your help,Dave
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Glad to hear you got it sorted..just read your post, would have advised you to buy a `locking wheelnut removal kit` from your local accessory shop..I recently had the same problem with a friends Volvo and after about a week of head scratching and asking around went to the local shop where the guy turned round and lifted the kit off the shelf behind him..says he always keeps them, his biggest customers are AA and RAC..it comprises of two hardened steel sockets..to fit over most nuts..with tapered internal reverse threads. Place them over your nut on a 1/2" drive impact hammer and a couple of thumps with a hammer and they`re off.
Other advice would have been RAC..they get thios sort of problem all the time. I wouldn`t dismiss these guys as they become experts at undoing stupid mistakes that the public make..I recenmtly used them to disable a factory immobiliser on a `93 Classic after it was locked and alarmed then the key fob lost. The guy fiddled with the central locking circuit fuse at the fusebox and after sequencing the fuse with the key started it and it was as normal only I now need to use the key to lock and alarm as no fob.
Dealer wanted to recover it and reckoned at least an hour to alter wiring if even possible.


The easiest option if they are factory fitted nuts is to take the cap off the nut, read the letter on the end of the nut , it will be in a range A-J and then order that key from the parts department.
Normally about £10.
A good parts department will have them on the shelf
Was it the type where its all round and a few semi-circle groves in

If so once on a greenlane we used a 12 sided socket with two old broken drill bits, tape the bits into the groves and use a socket just big enough to get on, you might have to bang it on with hammer then try, the bits act as a kind of key.
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