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loss of power and high revs!!


In Second Gear
In my 90 2.5td (19 j),when i am traveling at around or above 50mph the engine revs rise by themselves and then loses power, if i come off the accelerator and dip the clutch the revs stay up for quite sometime or until i put weight back on the engine. i have had suggestions that there might be air being sucked in somewhere but there is no where obvious leaking, i have changed gaskets, air filter. any body got any ideas???
does it also run on after turning off the ignition?
could be burning oil from the turbo or other source.​
Your diaphragm on the injrctor pump may have gone. This sometimes puts fuel straight to the turbo and the engine runs away.

The speed/power also drops off over about 50mph.

Easy way to check is to remove the small pipe where it goes into the Turbo. Get somebody to accelerate the engine and see if fuel comes through.

If it does the diaphragm needs replacing. If not at least you've eliminated this.

Are you getting excessive white smoke?
thanks very much for that i will give it a try. i has changed the exhaust minifold gasket as smoke was escaping from there. ive had a couple of people say it maybe sucking in air and changing the fuel air mix. any ideas about that.
There is no excessive white smoke. thanks again for your help.
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