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Lost 4th and Reverse Gear 1994 300 tdi - please help


In Fourth Gear

Just about got back from the shops tonight nursing my 1994 300tdi home without 4th or reverse gear (all others are fine)

Anyone know what the problem could be and even better - how to solve it? It seems as if there is something wrong with the gear selector preventing me from stirring the pot in the general direction of 4th and reverse!!

Thanks in advance

The gears are selected by using one shaft with 3 forks. 1 and 2, 3 and 4 and 5 and reverse. When you move the gearstick to the left for 1 and 2, a notched ( that's all I can think to call it)circle around the shaft turns and engages the fork. When you want 3 and 4 another engages the fork, the same with 5 and reverse.

If the others are selecting, then something has either slipped or is jamming the stick.

If 5 engages, then it should go back to reverse, the same as if 3 engages, it should go back to 4th. If 1 and 2 engage, it seems like something is blocking the bottom of the stick from physically moving. Take the gearstick out first and see if something like the reverse switch has broken away.

they do have a bracket on the top of the g/box where the spring locate that springs the gear lever to ctr position, has been known for this bracket to break or fracture. maybee iff thats happened and something has moved to block the lever from moving across. all external off g/box so nice and easy to check. might be worth a look. alan......
Could be, Alan. I doubt it's in the main box, it's something stopping the stick from moving back in the centre and right positions. Something has snapped.


I would say that this could be possible as the stick doesnt spring into the centre as it used to do, it is quite floppy and hasnt been easy to find gears because of this for a wee while now.

I am also just thinking that the other day the reversing lights wouldn't switch off - so I stirred the pot a few times until they did - now not working at all - could the switch be broken off and lying around in the big old bag of cogs?

How do you get in there to have a look? Is there a thread anywhere that could direct me on how to get the central console off without breaking too much plastic!!

as templar said could too be the reverse switch, got the 380 manual but not too good with the computer, tried to load the picture of the assembly for you but struggling, ill try again. alan.....
Is it a Type A, B or C linkage? One more problem.:)

Best thing is to just have a look and see if anything obvious has broken off.


Fixed the problem!!!

When I took the centre console out and had a look in at the top of the box there was a plate that bolts onto the top with a piece broken off it - the broken piece was jamming the gear selector. Replaced the plate and hey presto - one fully functioning disco.

£3.20+Vat for the part and one happy man. Hope this thread will help anyone else with the same problem. Next problem is getting the console screwed back in!!

Many thanks for all your help

If you pack the underside of the gearstick with grease,you may well get back your detente spring and the reversing light switch.
It does get very dry under there.Plenty of grease stops rattles too.
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