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LRe Pinkie


Posting Guru
Did they ever finish it? they were having one restored a couple of years ago, but haven't seen or heard much about it for a long time now. Just wondered if they ever finished it
I can shed a small amount of light on this, it wasn't actually thiers.....:eek: It belongs to Neil of Wiltshire Landrovers fame, who was restoring it and allowing them to feature..... A small falling out ensured cause he wanted to do it properly but they wanted more progress, so they went their seperate ways, and no it is still not finished as the poor man soes not have enough hours in the day!!!!
can anybody confirm this,cos if that is the case that is the last i buy that comic,i was sick of them anyway,cos all you got was billings this and billings that,and then they say well billings wasnt that great,so we will move to kelmarsh instead,and then took the huff because everybody didnt go with them(iwould put some wee angry faces on about now, if i knew how)
and wilst im at it im also sick off that bloody lroi ,that dave wotsit has been on around britain tour for about 3 year and he never took it to scotland(more wee angery faces)(he even went to the free state),and there was a towrag in that comic doing an article on the lightweight,and called the wombat on a gunship a,quote bloody great cannon ,unquote(more wee angery faces.ill walk past that mag as well
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