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just seen the news Magnus Magnusson died last night he started and he finished he should us how to live and should us how to die.
Magnus M was a very accomplished man. After passing through Jesus College, Cambridge, he went on to translate books; carve his way through journalism and… well, many things.

The front of the Metro declared Magnus Magnason, the man famous for the saying 'you have started so you may finish' as dead. I found this a little sad as an epitaph for someone who had achieved so much.
I guess Mastermind is how the majority of people will know of him!

It saddened me when i Was talking about actors and mentioned Burt Reynolds, my misses said 'Oh isn't he the guy from the specsavers advert' . Umm Amongst other things yes .

Im not comparing Burt to Magnus here, just how some people can have no idea who someone is except fromt he last thing they did!
Imagine how Newton must feel looking down on us. He was the cleverest man that ever lived and dragged science forward hundreds of years and all he's remembered for is being hit on the head by an apply, which never happened anyway.
Going off thread a little here, but I've always been surprised at the worldwide adulation of Nelson Mandela. Who was a convicted terrorist.
This is going into very shaky territory.

When I was younger I saw everyone who was not for the Government of the day as basically an enemy etc. This was probably due to the high patriotism I had for my home country Rhodesia. Without trying to sound high and mighty or cliched I never concerned myself with the fact that I might die defending Rhodesia. It was merely something that could result in giving my family what they deserved. I served without question to a government that ws hnourable. This might sound like I'm opening myself up to what I'm saying in the next few paragraphs, but without going into pages of explanation believe me that the Ministers of Parliament were of a different calibre to the normal politician found around the world.

When I left Rhodesia after Mugabe came to power I emigrated to South Africawithout really knowing the politics. I enjoyed the priviledges of being white without knowing the harshness of what apartheid was really doing. I was of the opinion that the ANC were terrorists and deserved death.

If I was a black person I would probably haved considered fighting against the Government. As a white I didn't see through the propaganda.

When Nelson Mandela was released from prison he showed what I admire. He reconclied a divided nation that was born of extreme beliefs. The fact that he showed no hatred to those that imprisoned him and kept him behind bars for 27 years for what he believed in shows a character that this world has seldom seen.

I have never met the man in person. I would love to do so. I have learnt so much from Nelson Mandela in how to respect people. If it were not for that man and those that were close to him South Africa would have had a very turbulent time.

Having seen how he is today all I can say is that the "terror" aspect was in this instance truly a freedom fighter. That is a term I used to hate when it ws applied to those that I was fighting against by people who did not know a thing about Rhodesia. As I said it sounds very hipocritical the things I've tried to explain, but believe me when I say he was truly a freedom fighter, and this I say in hindsight which as they say is 20/20 vision.

In conclusion when terror tactics ar used to overthrow a government and a dictatorship follows then that is just what it is: terror. But I don't believe this is the case in South Africa notwithstanding the fact that we have problems. People are now seeing people for what they are and looking beyond skin colour. My own outlook on life and people has changed.

Nelson Mandela is truly a person that has made history and deservedly so.
This is going into very shaky territory.
Having seen how he is today all I can say is that the "terror" aspect was in this instance truly a freedom fighter.

There's an much over-used quote headed this way with relentless inevitabilty. Ah..here it is.

One man's freedom fighter is the central character in another man's movie...or something like that.
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