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mainshaft noise? can it be cured


Shifting Up
mechanic said my mainshaft bearing is knackered so i bought a gearbox based on his opinion, but can it be sorted without a new box, the cost to get it fitted is pretty big, also if the mainshaft bearing is suspect is that why i have a rough sounding engine, i mean when the clutch is in its so quiet, but as soon as i let the clutch out it sounds really loud whirring noise, can i do anything about this, i know its not the clutch release bearing as i had a new clutch fitted last month, basicly is the new box the easiest option, just scared incase the box i got has other problems that only surface once fitted,
...but the cost to strip the box and fit new parts can easily outweight the cost of a secondhand box. It could be any amount of parts, not just a bearing.

If the noise is there when you are stationary, then it is the gearbox. The internals will be rotating, but no output to the IRD. Press the clutch, it stops.

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