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Make you're mind up mate


Big Landy Fan
Listening to Radio 2 this evening on the way into work one of the headlines was 4x4's are unreliable, here we go again thinks I.

Then they get to said item, some complete moron going on about 4x4's prone to breaking down and coming bottom in a survey of insurance companies into reliable cars.

The statistics were of 3-4 year old cars, cost to repair & how many times they go faulty

Guess who was worse?

Landrover 46% of breakdowns
J**P 44% of breakdowns

This guy they had on said that the newer the vehicle the more unreliable it was and this was a survey of of cars up to 4 years old.

Then Chris Evans says " I've just bought a Landrover but I bought mine secondhand, it's 2 years old".
"Do you think it's better to buy them a coulpe of years old so that the teething troubles have been ironed out"?

Inspired (and totally contradictory answer) Yes definately

I'd be looking for a career change mate, you're talking doo doo!!
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