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Mark more SATS test? No thanks / 90 PIC Yes :)


In Fourth Gear
Didn't particularly want to mark any more SATS papers tonight so I decided to make another self indulgent myspace.com picture. Just thought I'd pop it on....as you can see, I was so bored I didnt wait unti it was light! :) Entitled


Feel free to add some more pics of your defenders ;)


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For all the use SATs tests are adopt the following approach

1) Gather up papers
2) Climb to top of stairs
3) Throw bundled papers down the stairs
4) If they make it to the bottom step give them a 7
5) Land at your feet then give them a 3
6) Distribute other marks as appropriate just ensuring 65% or more are level 5 or above.
7) If anybody complains about thier son/daughters grade then 'remark' and blame tiredness for the error
I'll share that at the staff meeting tonight! :D lol.

I might have some special needs on level 5 which will be nice!!!

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