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Marry my disco?divorce more like.BIG RANT.


Hindsight is ace,if only this,if only that.
If only I had looked at more cars before I dived in and bought this one.
If only I knew I would be spending every saturday since I bought it,repairing/replacing something.
If only SOME people selling cars werent liars.
If only I had called his bluff and got him to put it through it's MOT even though it wasnt really due.
Well I have given up now trying to use it every day,I am getting a small car.(why oh why did I sell my citroen zx,for what I got for it I should have parked it up for a day such as this.)
Latest problems with the disco..clutch went on the hydraulic side,garage said it was slave cylinder and master cylinder at the same time!I trust:eek: this garage so they replaced both.
They have said the clutch itself is heavy so there are future problems there,front diff pinion leaking,coolant leak,handbrake sticking( I have spent over £100 with a useless independant trying to get it right),rear diff pan rusty and leaking.
I could go on for hours.RANT OVER.
Sorry to hear your woes.... been there done that (just not with my landy). Its a habit I can't seem to get out of - get a good idea and act on it!

They all leak though, so not too bad really, surely?
think they can get you like that, just plod through the jobs , take your time, learn from people off here , you do seem to get a bad run of faults then when you get it all sorted you sell it on and start over again. try to enjoy tinkering with it, someone put one life live under it !. and where i keep me boat theres a few of us with landys of one kind or another, we're called the bonnet up club. think your not alone, you'll get there. alan.....
The main problem was having to use it for work,and I dont mean just a couple of miles down the road.Current site meant a daily commute of 60 miles for the last 6 months,it has gone up to 90 odd now as I am on a new job from monday.Decent expenses though.£27 a day.:D
I have lowered my stress levels and have bought a small car for commuting so the disco is for fun days only now and it wont matter if it breaks becase I wont have to have it repaired for the monday grind.
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