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Master/slave jumpers

Toppa mate, I assume your sticking a hard drive from your old pc into new to copy files?

Well if you look at the end of the hard drive where everything plugs in there will be a small plastic jumper accross two pins. These pins will have a relevent diagram on the sticker on the top of the hard drive. Pull it out with needle nose pliers/tweezers, your nails and put it back accross the two corrosponding 'slave' pins.

Ensure the existing hard drive is in as master and not cable select or you may struggle.
You wouldnt beleave my luck, my other pc that blew up before xmas, put a new power supply in it and nothing except flicking lights, so i now have three hard drives i need to install, one needs to go in temp to get stuff off it, and the other two could ideally do with going in permantlry as they have mass amounts of images on them that will suck up allot of my new hard drive space :( I have bits of bloody pc from one end of my house to the other at the moment :(

The one that was set as slave, (partitioned into two drive identities) is plugged in and working ok..

No info on as to what to bridge.. i could guess but i think this could damage something?

TIme to search the net :(

Right whacked the slave in no problems running it, changed the other master into it aswell, no problem , tells me i have a clash but still defaults to original master and boots...

Can i put three hard drives into the pc??? I have soooooooooo much music and images stored on these disks that they are nearly bursting and i dont want to fill my new drive up, as they togeather equal my new drive size..

Is it a case of buying another cable? Is it even possable?

Yup you can plug 3 in.. The way it works is you have two Busses.

Usually a basic pc is like so

Bus 1 = Hard drive (HD)
Bus 2 = CD Cdire (CD)

So if you want three hard drives you need to set the system up like so

Bus 1 = HD (master) + HD (slave)
Bus 2 = HD (master) + CD (Slave)

The ribbon cable you have your hard drives plugged into has two sockets, now assuming you have another cable for your cd this should have a spare socket on it, aloowing a second hard drive :)

Im off to kip now (long weekend), but ill check in the morning, in case you need further help and nobody else has helped you out..
Just a quick note i should add.. The naming convention is usually 'Primary' and 'Secondry' bus.. not bus 1 and 2 like I said. But still works the same :)
Thanks Satancom, worked a treat. all three drived in and functioning :D

Just runninig a check/defrag over them now, mmm 320 gig to check :(

ONe has the old operating system on it,, win 95 :eek:

Can i delete this, or must it be odne using format????

As long as you dont want to boot from the drive, and there are no programs you want to run you can freely delete this.. Just as long as its only the documents (mp3's, pictures) you want off that drive :)
I wan tloads on the drive, autocad, vbbasic programes etc....

Cheers for the help, much appreciated...

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