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More Beer, beer, we want more beer.

Cannonball Bob

Big Landy Fan
Right ho, Roger, Alane et al.
I'm off to fight* the Taliban again soon so I can think of no better reason to do beers in town again. Well, Burns night maybe?

*I say "fight", it's more "give them a funny look and hope they go away".
Right ho, Roger, Alane et al.
I'm off to fight* the Taliban again soon

Appologies for a quick thread hijack...

Any chance that the UK will get involved in Somalia Bob? Our foreign minister is in meetings at the moment with the UN about getting SA involved there. I can see a major clusterf**k developing. :(

Bush's boys are currently doing some severe fighting* over there.

* I always thought that the meaning of "fight" was an active aggression between two or more parties. It seems that in American-speak, "fighting" means sitting in a C-130 shooting the hell out of everything below you, with minimal chance of danger to yourself.
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Whens Burns night? (sorry I get all the foriegn holiday periods mixed up):D

Is it around the same time as Dhawali
I'm off on the 25th, which makes it very hard to get away(I have the baby), grrrr

I could still have a go at getting a sitter
Any idea when are you away Bob?

The 18th is better for me, otherwise I'm not on days on a Thurs/Fri until mid Feb
Not busy enough for ya last time?:D

If its a Fri or Sat then the best dates for me are 19th, 20th or 27th
A friend of ours bought a quiet country pub, she's said we can visit anytime, stay as late as we like, kip on the floor if I get drunk.. which is not alot of use as I can't find her number at the moment :(
See ya.....Bye then :bigwave:

Bring me back one of those jam jars with the multi coloured sand in please.:D lol

Anyhoo 19th is good!

Anyone else? Tim? Roger? Henry? Anyone?
I just noticed you have a new toy Henry....Aahhhhhhhhh!!

Where's the piccies then hmm?

Southampton? Nah, do a sicky:D
No pic's yet, i'm getting it on Saturday.

Yup, from this distance it looks like a nice truck Henry.

19th is probably okay for me guys - are we going somewhere a bit quieter?

Don't forget people, this is not a closed group - anyone who can get to the location would be most welcome.

Roll up! Roll up, LRUK Home Counties beer night upcoming - send CannonballBob off to irritate the Taliban! :eek:

Shame you can't swing a wee trip north afore ye go Bob - we who live north of Englandshire could share a civilised wee dram with you too.

Stay safe and Haste Ye Back :)

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