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More starter motor woes!!


Big Landy Fan
I braught my starter motor on ebay on the understanding that it came off of a 90 2.25. I fitted it and withe the help of MPi-KMS-72 got it wired up and sort of working. The problem is that it does not turn over the engine, but the starter works. I know this because i bench tested it to ensure the cog was spinning up the shaft (wich it does). Am i missing something totaly obvious or is the starter motor of a different engine?

The serial number of the starter is 'VS473''

Any help is greatly appreciated

A poor contact in the feed or earth could result in low voltage or current at the motor and insufficient power to turn.

You have a pre-engaged starter motor, so the fact that the engine is not turning over means the starter is weak (either the wiring as mentioned or an internal fault), or the engine is seized. Try turning the engine over by hand - a wrench on the crankshaft pulley bolt will do if you don't have have the starting handle. It should turn over pretty easily if it's not seized.
Don't forget to double check all your connections and make sure they are good and clean. There should be a ground strap down by the starter to the chassis or something like that IIRC.
It's definatly not sezied because i have turned it over by hand. The starter motor is spinning and has got enough voltage. The only reason we think it dosen't turn over is that it is the wrong starter for the truck (non land rover starter) so the cog could be too small?

Thanks for your help

I still think you should have an Inertia starter on that engine. Does it just spin or make any strange noises?

You might find the pre engager won't fully reach the flywheel when it moves forward. Check the length from the faces that the starter and block meet. How far from the face to the teeth on the ring gear, how far from the starter face to the bush on the shaft?

It spins but does not make any strange noises. I've measured the distance from the face of the motor to the fly wheel and the distance the cog travels up the starter shaft and they should mesh.

I think its another mystry of the world:(

Have you measured the radius of the starter gear from the shaft centre and the ring gear distance from the block? A bit of calculation will tell you if the gears actually mesh. Use the mounting bolts as a datum line.

No havent try'd that yet, will give it a go tomorow. That is the only thing it can be isnt it?

Thanks very much for your help every one:)

Well I'm out of guesses! We never had those starters here so I'm not at all familiar with them. :( Maybe someone here can hook you up with a good deal on a regular 2.25's starter.
there are just two connections on this starter? one for the + from the battery and the other to the solenoid from the ignition switch or button- right?
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