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most important thing to carry in the landy?

harry potter

Accelerating Away
if you could carry only one thing in your landy to keep it going, what would it be?

mine would have to be a roll of duck tape, after been pulled by the police just before christmas because of no visible number plates, l duck taped the plate to the rear window, (it had fallen off and l hadnt had time to fit back on again) was given a warning and let on my way.
also found a cut in the battery cable causing it to spark wildly, bit of duck tape round it and job sorted. able to get home.

evrybodys ideas pooled together, l am sure l would be able to make the perfect "get out of s**t kit" and never get stranded again.
I always carry my recovery equipment.

The other day I towed two stranded cars and then had to pull a large tree trunk off the road that had washed onto it when a low level bridge overflowed the road.

And a camera in case the recovery equipment is for a J##P or Land C*&*#@r.:D
That has to be the most useful item by far.

except in certain parts of rural Scotland where the blooming things don't work!
4 miles from hear on the main road is a black spot and guess who's bus broke down there a couple of weeks back!!
managed to hitch a lift to a better area and the machanic picked me up at the pub (no passengers)


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Kids to push when stuck..

Old Blanket to lye on when fixing the Landy..save you getting stuck to the seat when ya get back in..

Spare Belts
All sorts....well not all sorts their a bit Filthy..lol
The one thing I categorically will not go anywhere without is a first-aid kit.
Pointless having the best mobile phone, biggest toolbox, or highest-rated credit card etc if you're (excuse the melodrama) bleeding heavily.:(
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