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MOT looming and my Horn's packed in!


In Third Gear
Hi Everyone! Got a puzzling one and was wondering if anyone could suggest anything obvious. Last week my horn stopped working. I've checked the fuse which is okay I think the relay is fine, (there are two in the passenger footwell and there's no difference when swapped) and what I can see of the wiring looks okay.

Am I missing something obvious? Anyone got any ideas? While it would be typical of my luck, I doubt both horns would have gone at the same time!

Thanks in advance!

Bad earth / Switch. Check to see if your getting 12v at the horns when the button is pushed.. then try the realy, then back to the fuses.. See if you can eliminate each item to pinpoint where the fault is!
Thanks for that! With a bit of help I've checked for power at the horn (with the button pressed) and there's nothing. Nor is there at the relay or the fuses. Even prised off the horn button and checked the contacts under there. No power at all. :(
Its either the feed to the horn switch, the switch itself, of the live from the switch.. I would guess.. Could try taking a live from the battery to the horn for a few seconds just to confirm the horn works!
I'll run a live to each of the horns tonight and check. Each horn has a black wire and then one has a purple wire and the other a purple and green wire. Both wires run back into the engine bay. As far as I can tell they're intact. The horn button is definately making contact as I made sure of that when I had the plastic cover off.

Thanks for your help!

Hmmm, tested the horns last night and both work fine. Looks like they're just not getting power. Does anyone know where the wires from the horn button come through into the engine bay and their colours? I think the easiest thing to do now is just wire the horns directly to the battery via the horn button and an in-line fuse. Unless anyone has any other suggestions?


Two wire horns are either standard feed or "earth line switching".

The first sends the feed to the horn when you press the button, the second makes the earth, the feed is always there.

Check for a feed first, either permanent or when you press the button. If that is OK, check the other wire to make sure there is an earth. Peugeot and Citroen are well known for losing the earth somewhere in the loom.

Sorted! The problem turned out to be a broken earth connection behind the horn button! Thanks Satancom and Templ4r for your help. Off to the MOT I go! (So undoubtably I'll be posting again if she fails! :( )

I've got the same problem with mine and it's the actual switch itself. I had it apart and tried cleaning the connections; it worked for about a week and then went out again.

Since then I've not bothered to look at it, but she's been through an MOT in that time without complaint...

Brian, If you take the entire horn ut of the steering wheel, (Easier said than done!) then you will see the wiring loom behind. Might be as simple as a loose connection.

I thought the horn was required for an MOT??? Have I been worrying for nothing?


Mine seem to work for awhile, then stop, lucky they decided to work for the mot, so will worry about them in another 7 months :D

Mine definately wasn't working when she last had her MOT, but they certainly didn't complain about it. Perhaps she growled at them as they were marking the slip.

That's my girl ;)
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