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In Fourth Gear
So there i was 12months ago going to the MOT. anyway lanny failed and a list as big as your arm. some were rubbish but i was told that itrs all to do with the new regs. indicator speed 60-120 FPM. :confused: other stuff as well. slight play in steering, Hah show me a lanny with no play:D
anyway. had to go abroard short notice, being in the military and all that. came back 9 months later. cleaned the lanny charged Battery added diesel. took her to differant MOT station, whom i asked if they new anything about Lanny. the chap there had one a series2. cool. lanny passed first time. Now i am back legal. it pays to interigate MOT stations. this new system is not lanny friendly:D :eek:
The requirements haven't changed at all, so a vehicle that would have passed the old test should pass the new one. It's not the test that changed - it's the documentation and certification that has. there are plenty of rogue MoT stations that will fail vehicles for ridiculous reasons, even fabricating non-existent regulations or faults, just to have a power trip or generate work for the garage. They don't seem to realise that many old LR owners know their vehicles inside out, and that some also know the regs.
It's nothing to do with the new system, it's how the things are.

You are allowed 3 inches/75mm of play in the steering wheel, if it's more than that, it's a Fail, simple.

60 -120 flashes a minute, but as long as they work and seem to flash steadily, we don't bother.

We have an DOE (Dept of Environment) test for commericals here in Ireland. Passenger cars do an NCT (National Car Test). One place I took my '77 series 3 for DOE failed her. It was a small family run garage.
They told me that 'they didn't like having old vehicles passed on their books when they get inspected by the DOE.'
I went to another large test centre. I guessed there would be doing more tests, more newer vehicles, my series 3 wouldn't stick out so much...
...It passed.
are there differences for vehicles on a Q plate? told 3 different things at 3 different places.. Mot due in 2 months nice to know wots wot
are there differences for vehicles on a Q plate? told 3 different things at 3 different places.. Mot due in 2 months nice to know wots wot

No the registration no. doesn't make any difference to the MOT whats so ever. As long as the actual plate is legal and it matches the paperwork ie V5 it is treated exsctly the same as any other vehicle in the same class.
thamks for that I was told that it us treated as a kit car therefore dont have to have hazard warnung lights! nor have rear fog lampe vehicle registered in 1991. papaerwork matches etc.
If you're curious about your vehicles MOT history goto www.vosa.gov.uk make sure you've got your mot cert, or log book and you cann checck all the computerised mot's carried out on you vehicle. For instance I just checked my new disco and in 2005 it failed on all the body mounting points been corroded and both rear shocks were knacked. 3 days later it was retested and passed. at the same garage, oh yes and it had been an extra 6 miles on the speedo. when it was retested
thamks for that I was told that it us treated as a kit car therefore dont have to have hazard warnung lights! nor have rear fog lampe vehicle registered in 1991. papaerwork matches etc.

If it's been driven on the road and it's fairly new then it has to have the same lighting that any other car has. obviously older cars have different regs one of the testers can confirm this. But a friend used to built kit cars and sell them, and all his used to have a full set of lights.
I have last 3 MoTs s I owned thr vehicle has pass 1st time on each occassion ueueally with advisory note etc but each time queries about its status have tisen, ie rear fogs have been there att this time..didnt work 1st time rounb not on mot test no worry.no probs 2nd time 3rd time must have interior warnimg of rear fogs working(not needed for 2nd test)

mot testers seem as consistenet as premiership referees!
Re different results at different test stations. I know for a fact that the attitude of the tester makes a huge difference. If he's an old school mechanic, you've a lot more chance of getting it through than if he's a modern day type of bloke who thinks all cars are clapped out and fit only for scrap once they're three years old.

I used to take my cars to a place where two guys were in partnership. If one of them did the MoT I'd get a fail on split front wishbone bushes every two years. (Ford Escort). There was really nothing wrong with them apart from slight parting of the adhesive bond at the very edge but for £12 for a new wishbone I'd used to just take it away and change it to keep the peace as they were good place apart from that. When the other bloke did it I only got fails for things that genuinely were wrong and he addmitted to me later that his partner did have "a thing" about the wishbones.

In the end its all down to personal judgement so I've found that for my own sanity it works best when I go to someone who's judgement corresponds to your own. i.e. a sensible old school type mechanic.
As Fergie says, It all depends on how you describe "Excessive".

I am certainly more forgiving than our "Senior" Tester, he is frightened to make a decision, so errs on caution. Unfortunately, that can cause as many problems on Appeal, it is as bad to Fail when an Advisory should be made, as to Pass when it should have Failed.

He Fails probably 5 sets of Front Discs for Excessive wear, where I Fail one set because they are actually worn, and Advise and Clean up the disc edges of the rest with my Descaler. But I was a Bus and Lorry Mechanic, we used to repair and overhaul parts, he just automatically changes them.

Another of my pet hates in recent years

My series pasted for several years then computerised tests came in

Have a rear fog light on a 1974 Series3 (added extra safely feature) with warning light etc

Told must remove it because computer says no !
Told must remove it because computer says no !

No it doesn't, it says...

The inspection of rear fog lamps is confined to the one rear fog lamp which is required to be fitted to the centre or offside of
vehicles first used on or after 1 April 1980.

If it's before that date, it isn't a Testable Item, so we don't Test it, so it doesn't matter if you have one.

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