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Would you believe it?
Me and Shola (GSD) were returning from a tab in the hills and in need of a cuppa and bowl of water respectively. Being the well equipped expedition vehicle he is, Hobbes, the 101, was to provide all of the facilities required to ensure sucour to his two crew. So water in bolw, water in kettle, kettle on Fokker (gas stove with clout) and then seek out brew kit. Brew kit found in correct location and cup collected from cupboard.
Hello what's? this thinks me. A flurry of snow and black bits falls from the cup (58 pattern bucket). On closer examination I find that it is in fact shredded kitchen towel and black placcy bag?? So I drag the stowage bins out of the cupboard and investigate further. More kitchen towel, more placcy bag and some other unidentified deposits...... Mouse Kac!!!!!:eek:

Further inspection reveals that said mouse has been making him/herself well at home over the cold snap. Helping himself to my dried provisions, chocolate, packets of soup, oxo cubes and anything else the little bu66er could manage.
Anyway, on returning home I swung by the ubiquitous garden centre to purchase some heavy duty mouse disposer. I left all of the gear in the truck and also a little present of some nice blue nuggets to sustain my little chum through the comming days. Two days later I checked the cache and found it all gone... haha!! (Dr Evil cackle):D I left some more bait and went to bed.
Next day bait still there so fairly sure mouse has crawled away to expire somewhere where the smell will permeate the whole truck, so busy self cleaning truck out.
While clearing out the wood box (which feeds the wood burner on the rear left wheelarch), guess what!? I found a stash of blue nuggets beside a nice little nest made of kitchen towel, black placcy bags and cuppa soup packets... What do i have to do to defeat this little tyke? Not happy with taking liberties with my kit but taking the pi55 with my attempts to dispose of his company. So do I:
1. Sit in the truck all night, bleary eyed, with my trusty Webley Hurricane trained on the wood store?
2. Rent next door's cat for a couple of evnings and then put up with the rank smell of cat's pils forever more (you ever tried getting rid of that smell??) or
3. just repeat the process with more nuggets and chocolate spread as an incentive?

Answers on a postcard.........:(
Good old wooden mousetrap (Lil snapper), and peanut butter. Works every time.

(unless its related to the crittur in the film "Mousetrap"...in which case, you may have a problem...)

I had one in the III, it was surviving on the sweeties the kids had stashed for future use. (why do they do that?) It ate my wiring when it got hungry.
Just leave him be...what harm could he be doing..poor wee thing :(

Apart from the 35 year old wiring, all of which is yellow aircraft grade insulated and without labels, or the thousands of pounds worth of expedition kit and scaring the bejeysus out of my poor old GSD!:rolleyes:
Apart from the 35 year old wiring, all of which is yellow aircraft grade insulated and without labels, or the thousands of pounds worth of expedition kit and scaring the bejeysus out of my poor old GSD!:rolleyes:

I recovered a volvo v40 this week that a mouse had eaten through some of the ecu harness where it goes through the bulkhead and then proceded to eat a hole about two inches deep/wide in the rear leather seat, the owner had parked it up for a fortnight while he went on hoilday, to sat he was a bit perturbed would be an understatement.

I am with Big Sandy, i like the wood frame trap's but i use a bit of mars bar, they tend to hold the little blighter's firmly by the neck until you return and don't give you anymore hassle:)
I think the pix below are what you mean about wiring damage. A lot of my wiring had been replaced when I rebuilt it, I couldn't believe the damage caused by one small mouse. It had caused a short, put all the lights on when I was in the UK, fortunately The Keeper of The Purse noticed it (realised I hadn't switched the lights on for no reason) and disconnected the battery, or we could have had a serious fire. The little monkey (?) also built a nest in my generator, - and I had to repair the wiring on that too, no pix of that available.

Also pic of rat trap (think one of my chickens ate the mouse - and the babies). The rats were lured by bread (too hot for chocolate at the time - it would have melted, although I hear it's a good bait), then we had to decide how to despatch a succession of snarling angry rats. A&K


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