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My New Toy


Accelerating Away
Wow - I never got to meet the seller of my new 2004 90 XS that i picked up the other day, but i spoke to him on the phone when he called to check everything was OK earlier. What a great guy!

I knew it went well, but the brilliant news is that he told me it has a J E Engineering stage 2 kit with larger intercooler and remap etc and about 195 ponies with buckets of torque and disco transfer gears etc etc.

I just can't stop smiling as I was saving to do some of this sort of stuff anyway!:burnout: :burnout:



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Great looking truck, and congrats on the hidden extras. Have you driven a standard TD5, and if so, how does the JE conversion compare?
Please tell me thats not the "Man for Land Rovers"?

Bought a Range Rover off him about 5 years ago and wouldn't go back if you paid me! (Unless his son's taken over the business).

Having said that, beautiful Landy! Hope you're pleased with it.

When you say Disco transfer gears could you tell me what it's like in 5th? I was wondering about remapping my 51 plate TD5 110 DC with the autologic system and fitting the disco gears for better cruising (or fitting the GKN overdrive). I'm most interested in what the low end 1st and 2nd is like and whether you think it will still be okay off-road as that's about 70% of the time for me.
Sure is gonna get very dirty - as often as possible!

It goes like a rocket compared to a std TD5 - off boost it seems a bit flat. Well totally flat really, but it is a year since i have driven a std one. When i get a rev counter in i can see where the boost comes in, but apparently it gets to 60 in 8.6 seconds if you can change gear fast enough and i can vouch that it is pulling like a high speed express train at 90.

I got 28.9 mpg out of the first tankfull (compared to 15.8 from my old Jeep) and that was mainly fairly short journeys as my work is only 9 miles away.

As i had been planning engine mods which i obviously don't need to do any more i can now look at tyres, possibly a small lift and some underbody protection.

I'm going to take it to Slindon at the next opportunity and see whether this traction control is a help or a hindrance:Bigbounce

Hi Jumpjim - you are right as to where the picture was taken - but i didn't buy it from him. It was a private sale that he introduced me to.
I know what you mean about the old man there however he's been out of the country for a year or so and i think just manages from a distance. I get on well with Loui in the workshop though.

The transfer gears definately make a good difference - still tows well too and fine off road although i tend to use low box most of the time for this.

Having said that i seem to have so much power that i was wondering if i could get away with a GKN overdrive as well or that would just kill it - anyone done that?
The Range Rover I bought off him was under the same basis and it caused a lot of trouble.

I'm probably teaching you to suck eggs but if you haven't done it already HPI it and make sure there's no outstanding finance... Found out when I tried to sell the Rangey a year later that his "friend" hadn't cleared the finance which was part of the deal so I wasn't impressed.

If you live Sussex way can I suggest Bob at Sussex 4WD for servicing? He's based in Crowborough and has looked after all my cars for the last 6 years. I guarantee you won't meet a straighter, more honest garage owner anywhere plus he's very reasonably priced. He's just bought an Autologic diagnostic system which is apparently as good as a main dealers box for looking at Landys.

Bob is on 01892 663320. Tell him James Shepard sent you - Got two services coming up so you never know, may even give me a discount!
Haven't come across Bob before, but I'll give him a try next time - thanks

I've used a chap call Ron Baker at Brightling in the past, and i've a fair bit of respect for him, but it's a bit of a treck these days.
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