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Need a little help/advice on a plastic fuel Tank


Hello all,
I am still without a Land Rover since the Disco was sold. Hopefully I will have another by the end of this year. But........

....The main reason for drifting back here, is to draw on the vast amount of Knowledge held within. The plastic fuel tank on the Puegeot 306 Xnd split today, after I ran over something lurking under the snow on the way to work.
Needless to say, I had just filled the old dear up with 50 litres of BP's best diesel...and promptly lost the lot in the company car park:eek:
Now, I need to know a way of a semi-permanent repair to use on a one and a half inch long split in the underside of a plastic fuel tank.
I need the car desperately in the next few months, and have not the time to source a new, or second hand tank, let alone fit it. I have seen this stuff advertised on the net :

Has anyone used this product, Is there anything better out there?. Any other methods or ways to effect a semi- (more like permanent) repair?.
You have not let me down before on advice Chaps.. I'm all ears (or eyes):D
New or second hand tank is the only option that liquid metal stuff might be o/k to fill holes but don,t trust it on a fuel tank
Got to agree with Defender 01.

I dont know of anything that will seal a diesel leak indefinitely. The stuff you ask about may be ok as a" get you home" bodge but I certainly would never trust it with more than a few liters of fuel.

I am afraid that I would just bite the bullet and change the tank for either new or a good used one.
I used the metal version on a diff housing. Brilliant, stopped the leak and is still holding 2 years later...Don't know about the plastic one though.
If you got it dry enough I`m sure a tube of Sikaflex would hold it for a bit. You`ve prolly got nothing to lose by cutting a rectangle of alumunium or plastic and drilling four holes through it and alongside the split. Drill through the tank and draw your plate up against the tank with the rivets and Sika sandwiched between it. Will cure overnight. Seal the rivets over with Sika.
Just my Two pence
I am going to give it a try, if it holds up for a few weeks it will get me out of bother. Thanks chaps!.
As i said earlier its just not worth wasting time trying to repair a split tank i did seal a plastic tank once with a solder gun ran the hot tip along the split and fused it together but it was only a get home repair :)
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Well I have carried out the evil deed;)
I must say that I am impressed how the theory of this stuff works, never seen anything quite like it. The true test is how well it works, and for how long. I am sourcing another tank this week, but I will be unable to get it fitted for several weeks. I shall report back to you on the 'repair' and how it holds up.
Thanks all.
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