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Need Winch Advice!


In Third Gear
I want to fit a winch to my range rover classic. Basically i don't want to spend much more then £500 for the bumper and winch and all necessary cabling. I was doing ok on my search until i came across a lot of competitive prices at which point i got very confused on what winch would suit me, its gear ratio, power usage, line speed, pull rating........ The winch will be used little, just for recovery once a week if that, mainly to recover myself and others wit similar sized vehicles. What should i get!? any advice would be greatly appreciated......
Another thing thats been confusing me is, if a winch, say a 9000lbs one is capable of pulling around 4 tonnes, does that mean it would be capable of pulling my car up, say, the side of a building, as my car weighs half the rate it can pull? Or is this figure some kind of rolling weight?

Please help me before my head explodes.
You are looking for a minimum pull of 8000lbs, less and it won't pull you out when you need it. Really you want something around 9000-10000lbs as that gives you a bit to play with. ;)

What ever winch you end up getting, if it's not used alot then give it plenty of maintainance, especially after you've been wading!! Strip, clean and rebuild and it should last you well.

About the best of the cheaper winches around is the Superwinch EP9 or EP9i. They are well made, have an external brake (most are in the winch drum and this tends to heat up, which is not good if you intend using Plasma rope at a later stage) and the solenoids are of good quality as well. These have a diffent mounting pattern to most winches so make sure the bumper you get will fit this winch!

T-Max, Come Up and the Warn Tabor are all good winches yet still quite cheap.

The Champion, KEW and GEW winches are basicly all the same winch but with different badges. Not bad winches for the price but the freespool lever must be kept lubricated otherwise it's a bu**er to release off.

If you want something a little better then P G Winches have a referb'ed Warn XD9000i for £350 on their site just now.

One thing to remember is that it may be a cheaper winch to buy, but the spares all cost about the same. A new motor will set you back anything from £120 up. Solenoides do tend to go from time to time and a good upgrade is to fit an Albright solenoid pack and these work out cheaper than a new standard pack. ;)

Another good upgrade is to go for Plasma Rope or one of the other brands of synthetic winch rope. This is much lighter than wire, can be spliced together if it snaps but best of all it's a lot safer as it has little or no recoil if it parts. A wire can cause serious injury or damage when it recoils, this stuff tends to just drop to the ground safely.

As for the pull, this is a horizontal loading, not vertical. They will pull you up a steep slope but I wouldn't try a vertial rock face, incase the wire gives way!! :eek: All the winches I've see come with a warning that they are for pulling, not lifting. ;)

I have just purchased a winch from Winch soloutions, it looks very good, competitive price, it will hopefully be fitted to my range rover this coming weekend. So it has not been used yet, although i hope it will be soon :D


As for a bumper, the cheapest i found was £185 on fleabay, i have gone down the route of fabricating my own so that it is to my spec and i have an uncle who is welder ;) ;)

So £500 is just acheivable. and 9500lb pull should be plenty (i hope:rolleyes: )
Well i think between 2 of you, you've made my mind up, thanks for your help!!! When i said about pulling my vehicle up the side of a building, i wasn't seriously going to consider it, no matter how much fun it would be, i was just using it as an example but thats all clear now. Ive decided to give 'winch solutions' a ring due to them doing a very cheap range rover bumper, of the cheapest ive seen! and see if they can do some kinda deal. I'm thinking a champion winch is a good one to go for then for minimal use. I went to the ling for winchrepairs.co.uk and they had some special offers on rebuilt 'duke' winches, never heard of them but are they any good?
Never seen a Duke winch so I don't know what they're like.

That C9500EWX that Matt's just got looks a good one for the money. It's got a better freespool lever than the other Champion's and has the Albright type solenoids already fitted. £568.60 inc VAT for the winch & bumper is a good price. ;)
hmm now you say that, thats not a bad price really is it. is that from the winch solutions website? I shall be ringing them first thing tomorow!
Just one thing, i noticed on the description of the C9500EWX that it has a brake in the drum, but you said that was bad? and it was better on the outside? should i have problems?
Just one thing, i noticed on the description of the C9500EWX that it has a brake in the drum, but you said that was bad? and it was better on the outside? should i have problems?

Only if you intend lowering yourself, backwards, down long slopes. It's fine with wire rope but if you go for Plasma Rope at a later stage then you have to watch the heat as the Plasma Rope can be effected. ;)
Paidia 4x4 have some good deals on Come-up winches, which have a much faster line speed than the Champion winches, and have the brake in the gearbox.

Come-up supply OEM winches for Superwinch, so you are guaranteed reliability, they have also been making them since 1975.

Paidia 4x4 also supply winchsolutions with their bumpers.
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