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New doors to or not to do.


Hi, after washing my landy, alot of paint has fallen of. It definatly nneds looking at. I have been letting it gt muddy to hide this but im gona have to face it one day.

Doors are very very shot. I would like to use genuine but they are like £250 a side and i nned a new rear one aswell. Anyone used the britpart ones? DO they fit and look right?

(I realy dont want to start a britpart argument)
Do you want wind up windows or not? If not, stick a pair of Series doors on. Far cooler. ;)
im fitting series ones on mine , cheaper by a long shot.
and to be honest , if its warm and i need to have the window fully open il just take the top half off the door off, perhaps even the roof as well..:eek:
back doors are quite cheap as you already have the glass , locks etc etc.
i sold my old doors to try and make the dent in my budget a bit softer and it worked out quite nice.
i would keep away from the second hand side of doors , its hard to find decent ones, their either being sold because they are rotton or they are being sold for stupid money and for the sake of an extra few quid you get new and with a warrenty.
Which ever style of Land Rover door you opt for sliding or wind up windows they virtually all fit (not so sure about series one doors).
My advice is to spray a generous amount of wax oil onto and into the steel framework channelling that the door skin attaches to, especially the bottom channel. I have been doing this for the last fifteen years and I have never had a Land Rover front or rear door rust on me yet.
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Hmmm...need new doors on mine, like the series two-parters, can you get them all galv?? or i could just get some defender ones and get 'em galved when i galv me bulkhead.
Hmmm...need new doors on mine, like the series two-parters, can you get them all galv?? or i could just get some defender ones and get 'em galved when i galv me bulkhead.

You'd have to remove the skins to galvanise the frames, and it's not a fun job. If you get some new or very good s/h doors, just make sure that they are properly prepared and painted, that drain holes are drilled in the bottom rails, and that a generous application of cavity waxi is given before they start rusting. That's all that is needed - galvanising the doors is completely unneccessary.
galvanizing things like door frames isnt a good idea. galvanizing is for farm gates etc , door frames will twist and bend during the process.
the best you could do is strip them of paint and use a zinc based primer/paint but as said above , there is little point.
a good dose of waxoil and a decent paint job (paint first though eh) with drain holes drilled will be much much better than galvanizing.
ive seen galvanized parts rust away like you wouldnt believe. galvanizing does not give you total rust protection, in fact it can be really bad as it leads you into a false state of security.
your landy is slowley rusting away to nothing and your saying to your self 'its ok , its galvanized i dont need waxoil'.
Given how rot prone Defender doors are, and how thin and easily damaged the skins are, the Britpart replacement can't be much worse than genuine, and the £400+ saving will pay for plenty of wax!
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