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New Gearbox


Just had a recon Gearbox/Transfer box and new clutch fitted by Ashcroft Transmissions, and have a couple of concerns...

1. The Landy judders like hell in 1st and reverse, when letting out the clutch. Spoke to Ashcroft and they said this was normal and will rectify itself in time. They said the clutch needs to bed itself to the flywheel.

2. Was expecting to see a shiny looking gearbox when I picked it up, they say they sand blast them clean before rebuild. This still has dried mud all over it.

3. Some times it is a real sod to get in to 2nd and 4th, especially when coming down the box.

4. It makes a hell of a noise, a bit like having the heater fan on full belt, and it get noisier the faster you go, when you slow right down the noise stops.

Any idea's/comments on any of the above greatly appreciated.


Was expecting to see a shiny looking gearbox when I picked it up, they say they sand blast them clean before rebuild. This still has dried mud all over it.

I would take it back using that . Advertising that they clean it and then don't .
I would say you have problems with it , i wouldn't be happy and i would be returning it to them to rectify the problems . No further costs ,obviously .
I had a recon gearbox fitted to a westfield 7 a few years ago. When I drove away it made the same noise you are talking about. The faster I went, the louder it was. When I finally got onto the motorway the noise was very loud indeed ..... after twenty minutes there was a loud bang as the gearbox disintergrated. I would take it back and have them check that it is fitted correctly.
bring it back , tell them to either replace it or refund you your money.
none of this sounds right.
Agree with the others, you paid for a service that looks like it hasnt been done properly. They do sandblast the boxes off so when they rebuild they don't get any crap in them. Take it back, say your not happy and you want a replacement.
The clutch juddering could be a warped flywheel.

Cheers, Ben
AND, I bet ya it was'nt cheap....i've got a ashcroft in my BOBTAIL, still gotta take it for spin:eek:

These things are never cheap, but they were on a par with everyone else I rang, and I did my homework, they came recommended by several people and have a good reputation.

The guys who actually did the work were Autoland near Dunstable. Very helpful. I have just spoken to them and Ashcroft and they want it back in...no questions.

So I cant knock their aftercare service so far. Maybe I am just unlucky with the box that was fitted, we will see.

I think thats probably the case, I've never heard of complaints from Ashcroft, and it looks like they want to rectify your problem. They've built up a reputation as the company to go to for boxes, so I'm sure they wouldn't want it to be tarnished.
Might be worth checking that your not gonna have to pay anymore £££ before handing the keys over though;) Any money that the garage want for fitting the box again should be claimed from Ashcroft, as they supplied the faulty parts.

Cheers, Ben
Autoland 4x4, who fitted the new gearbox, took it for a test drive on Saturday, and they agreed there was a problem. It is now booked in again for the week after next to get it sorted.
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