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In Third Gear
hi ive just joined :) i aquiered a series 3 soft top last year and have been restoring it back to its former glory
can anyone tell me exactly what equipment was generally fitted inside on a 12vt system as im hoping to take it to some local shows this year
Hi mate.

what have you got inside at the moment? If it's a 12v GS, then apart from rifle clips and seats, not a lot.

Post some pics of it.

what ive got so far is full camo net and poles with mushroom tops
no 3 cooker and pans
first aid kit and jack
copy military plates 18 ka 57 silver on black
jerry cans 1 fuel 1 water
old pye pegasus radio
fire extinguisher
green folder with paperwork
hessian for windows
side arm with beacon

is there anything im missing
Reckon you have more than most had in service! Difficult to say what should be carried, depends on what it was used for. A HQ runaround may carry nothing, a vehicle on exercise could be well laden with personal kit, cam net, poles etc. Best bet is to decide what you want it to be, assuming you have no specific history, and study all the books out there. If you want an excuse to have a beacon and hang lots of poo on your motor, model yourself on a REME LAD in the Gulf.

If you are serious about displaying and don't want to look like an action man display, sign up to the EMLRA forum and also join the club. Good Series 3 GS models are surprisingly rare on the show scene and I'm sure you will be very welcome. Beware, it gets expensive after you get hooked and have to buy a 9x9. trailer to carry it in and all he other nescessities to make life comfortable at shows and look military :D
i have sent in to the emlra with my aplicacation just waiting to hear from them at the moment i attend a lot of shows in my area already with my model fairground so the 109 will be a extra that will tow the caravan to the events this year instead of the old peaugot
when i was in we used to carry everything bar the kitchen sink as would be away for up to four months attached to diffrent units so i wanted to check the norm
maybe i will go to war and peace with the 109 and see what people say
Posting pictures...

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I hope this helps.

Keith Hart


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here are a couple of photo's i took today:)


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Right, looking at your pics you've got a 12v CL (GS). CL = Civilian Logistics. The tell tales are a civ type rear crossmember (mil ones are not angled at the bottom) and your fuel filler is on the rear tub as opposed to under the front seats.

What's the military VRN. It should be on the data plate on the seatbox. Apparently (Sean101 or others may know more) towards the end of the run of S3's, they had no more military chassis, so they used civ ones instead. This does not detract from any of its appeal by the way.

As yours is a GS (General Service), it would have been used for a variety of tasks, but humping and dumping kit and bodies would have been it's main effort. With the yellow beacon (as Sean said) it normally means some form of recovery vehicle. This could be the LAD fitter section carrier.

If you attend a few shows and buy a few books, you will see that the combinations are endless. As a 12v, yours would probably not had anything in the way of radio gear or if it did, it was basic.

You can join the EMLRA Forum without membership, also the Series 3, 90/110 club forum as well. Each one has its knowledgeable members as does this forum. You can never get enough info.


I wouldn't be too quick to post your chassis details mate. You could end up being well cloned. I was interested in the reg KA gives you the year entered service which I think makes it 1983.

When your EMLRA membership comes through, you'll find a veh history request. It costs £2 (I think) also for a larger fee, you can contact the RLC Museum who hold all the vehicle history cards. i think that costs £25, but I believe can be more comprehensive.

I'm currently scanning a CES (Complete Equipment Schedule) for a 3/4 Ton & also the Equipment Table Schedule for the vehicle first aid kit. Glancing through the CES I see I need some sapnners adjustable. So off to Woolworths for some of those.

Also doing a CES for Rover ambulances. I'll come back again when their ready to post.
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