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new to freelanders


Accelerating Away
hi all
just got a 2000 w reg freelander 1.8xei 3dr and would like to say hello
i am not new to this forum as i have had a series 3 for 4+years but that has had to go see pic
so for give me if i ask silly qustions
the freelander sounds very quiet after my series and is taking so getting use to.
thanks jim:guiness:
thanks for the welcome

had it a week and alls going fine
only had to replace the rear wiper blade (£2.94) that did not brake the bank
it has had a water leak though, through the seal on the hard top.
water coming through at the drivers side handle just behind the drivers seat
i put it down to a blocked gutter as i have found lots of pine neidles and the spare wheel carrier was half full of leaves but when the hard top was removed it was found to be clear.

has any one had its problem

so its waite for the heavy rain and see whot happends

cheers jim:)
Lubricate the window rubbers frequently, Jim. The regulators are prone to breaking if the seals dry out.

We use either spray white grease or duck oil mixed with a bit of oil. If you can get to the seals easily, Vaseline.

Food grade grease is pretty good.

Worse when people Jet wash the car with detergent, it drys the seals and the glass sticks.

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Hi Chris,

I have acidfree vaseline I bought at the pharmacist (to grease the excentric axle of the small handheld grasscutter), when you talk about the seals it is the horizontal rubber ones that are pressed against the window in order to have rainwater etc... enter at least as possible into the door ??
(Sorry to be such a bore).
The edge runners, Willo. Where the glass slides up. They dry out. It's very common on cars to break the regulator wires, mainly Fiat, Rover, Daewoo and VWs.

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