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Europe New to Land rovers


In Fourth Gear
Hi ppl,

Posting this thread just to introduce myself :) .

I just bought my first landy....amazingly happy....and would like to make a couple of friends who are landy enthusiasts.

Quick intro:

I'm 23, own a modified S3 (not really modified, but fitted with a 300TDI and coil sprung) and recently began experiencing mild off roading.

Very pleased that I've found an international forum with maltese people :)

Cu around!!

I'll post some pics of my S3 soon

Welcome to this place! Post some pictures of your landy please.

With this lack of rain here in Malta, are there any muddy places for a cool photo shoot?

Here r a some pics of my S3:


  • DSCF0869.jpg
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  • DSCF0875.jpg
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  • DSCF0879.jpg
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I know that truck m8, but truely forgot the name of the previous owner, very nice looking landy, would have bought it myself if I hadn't already bought my 90
Welcome to the fold mate, hope you will be able to join us on our occasional meets. Landy and beer related usually ;)

Any problems or questions you may have just pop them on here. ;) :)
correction : it WAS a real SIII ... ONCE ! :rolleyes:

any coiled Series is neither a Series, and will never be a 90 / Defender.

how can one ever have a REAL SIII with coils :eek: :(

not bashing your machine of course, each to his own, just my opinion ;)
Ok, but at heart, it's still an S3 even if most of it's main features have been changed.

Also, one would refer to a vehicle like mine as an S3, since it is the only word that describes this vehicle, I wouldn't say it is a 90 since it is an S3..eh eh :)
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