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Newbie to Disco... In need of advice.


In Second Gear
Hi all I just recently picked up a discovery 1 300tdi auto (last week), however it does have a few issues.

First one was master cylinder. That was replaced this morning and this then highlighted a couple of more pressing issues.

1. Seat belts... what seat belts? Turns out all the seat belt mountings are rotten through... However it is important to add that I do not mean on the body but the tabs that attach to the body and the stalks.

Replacements have been sourced but having to wait for them to get down. This brings me onto the first issue. How to get the old ones out? The heads on the two front ones are well non existent. Whereas the back seats are not actually attached. The latter will be something I'll remove and give some welly in the workshop with lots of heat. However the fronts are the main issue. I'm thinking of drilling them out... what do you all think? Also where is best to get replacement bolts from as the dealer over here in sunny (rainy today) jersey is often urm questionable.

2. Discs and pads... During the drive, post master cylinder change and bleed, when I braked the car pulled to the left. The ABS light came on and the o/s/f brake feels like it's binding. On inspection all discs are heavily corroded but the binding front right is noticeably scored. Before ordering the discs and pads, is there anything else that I should do at the same time? Also does anyone have the necessary torques required on fronts and rears?

Thanks in advance for any advice or guidance you can offer.

I must add that I used to be a marine engineer so I am handy with tools and completely rebuilt and modified a Suzuki Vitara before seeing the light and going British.
hi on your seat belts i have had luck with easy outs center drill heat PB nut buster if you can get it save chance of damaging your threads........
have a look at your pistons on your calipers when you pull pads.......their condition will be pretty evident i think when you try and compress them....if they compress without too much effort?
Thanks having had a good look at the seat belt bolts and they're pretty much rusted solid. Have ordered new bolts and nuts to replace them. As for the discs and pads I'll check the condition of the pistons when the bits get down. I have also ordered new deals for the back of the hubs. Hopefully it all gets down tomorrow so I can start working on the old girl. Thanks again
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