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Newby questions.


Accelerating Away
Done it at last! me and me mate have got our first Rangie!:)
An F plate 3.5 , with all the kit already on it for playing with:)
2" lift, dislocation cones MEGA tyres , snorkel and all the right guards underneath:D
It's a beast! I need a bloody tissue every time we fire it up!!!!!
Spent all Sat & Sun going through it (engine/trany oils & filters - full grease up diff oils and tranfer box- everything we could think of!)
Still gotta do the brakes which should be 1 wheel per night this week (gotta spend SOME time with the wives!).
Anyway, all looks fine and dandy, apparantly it was rebuilt 2 years ago and looks to me like it's had a new chassis. The dammed thing is spotless underneath!
Once all the mechanicals are checked we're gonna start on the bodywork. Appart from MEGA brush/branch scratches it's not too bad tho there are a couple of rot spots on the front top corners of both inner wings and needless to say, the tailgate is WAYYYYYY past it's best!.

Aaaaaanyway! to the point
Swivels? We recon they've been fill with grease instead of oil. Too thick for oil, but too thin for grease?
Is this because the oil leaked? is the grease better? Should we be worried? If we really wanted, could we easily remove the grease and replace with new? Is it worth doing or are we just making work for ourselves?
Any other advise re things to check before our first venture would be welcome.
Oh, and what's the best Club to join or source of info for LEGAL off road routes in the Congleton area (Cheshire/Derbyshire/North Staffordshire border).
Sounds like one shot grease to me.. Many arguments which is better, grease or oil. Personlay I would leave it as is if there are no problems.
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