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How Do I? Non standard replacement rear cross member


I saw a C plate CSW today with what looked like a non standard cross member on it. I wish I had a camera.

Basically, it looked like a flat piece of metal, about 10mm thick, straight across the back. Could not see how it was attached as it was heavily waxoiled underneath but it looked like some home made extension arms, welded to the original rear chassis.

It was a VERY neat job and the mudflaps were added directly to it so you got a very neat "flat" back to the whole vehicle.

Any ideas? Home made or off the shelf somewhere??

My rear member will need replacing soon, but the chassis rails leading upto it are fine. Seems a bit stupid cutting away good, original metal so I was wondeing if anyone had a similar thing fitted to their vehicle?

I saw one with a [ section channel welded in once..... Very strong looking! It was at least 4 mm thick...I thought it was an RSJ at first. That was on a SI though...
I have a [ section on the my 2a, two 8mm thick angles welded along there length. See pic attached, this was when I first got the landrover and was stripping it down.


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I bought a new Chassis, but it came fitted with fitted with a standard rear X member. Trouble is, the Xmember as standard is made from very light gauge material, about 2.5 mil, with boxed and doubled sections to give it strength. Probably would Work fine when new, but give it 24 months, road grime, salt, and the abuse of heavy pulls, shunts and the occasional mishap, things come apart and distort easier than you'd think.. Never have liked that part of the Chassis so I Fabricated my own.
When my old rear xmemeber rotted away I cut the entire thing off and made my own from 4mil plate. I never Boxed it either, just braced it to stop the ears from shutting. The design worked well, I pulled my 26' steel lifeboat behind it, some 5/1/2 tons, had the odd bump or two without bending or distortion.
On the new chassis, the standard Xmember was the first thing to go, I fabricated a new one out of 4 mil, in a channel section, as before, with a large spreader plate behind the tow points, included NATO and ball hitch points, added trailer 'latch' eyes and recessed the trailer plug socket.
Ive also made the corners of the chassis lower than the body, so it will be the chassis that grounds before the bodywork, although it wont stand-out as such.
Heres a pics, noe all fully galvanised, before fitting the body.
Remember that the chassis itself is only 3mil thick at best, so how thick do you wanna make it?


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