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Oil below clutch pedal

I'd say that's clutch fluid coming from the clutch master cylinder. Sounds like it's on the way out or something :(
Have noticed some oil lying on the floor below the clutch pedal.
Seems to be running down the pedal
Any idea where its coming from?

Brake/clutch fluid from a leaking clutch master cylinder.

Have you checked the clutch master cylinder fluid level. :eek: If the level is down you have two options.
Top the fluid up as and when needed :D Or replace the clutch master cylinder. Should you take option two, :p change the slave cylinder at the same time.

I topped my Range Rover clutch fluid up for over three years :D :D
Cheers guys
I'll go have a look at fluid level.

Think I'd prefer to change it
Got the Mac 4x4 coming up then a summer trip to the Pyrenees so big mileages!
I understood that its wise to change the slave as well as the master, as it often fails after a couple of months of the new master being fitted and you don't realy wanna go through that bleedin' process again. Do you?
Easy job. Well to me anyway. Not that I've actually done one on a Defender. The last clutch m/c was on a Merc G-Wagen at a camp site in Namibia. They didn't have the correct parts so it wasa make to fit job :D

Mike. Yes :D :D The clutch wouldn't clear so I'd fill the thing back up. About every six months or so. Never a regular sort of thing for some reason.
Just had this and a new clutch master cylinder sorted it - a pain to blead though!

Really.... I fine them an absolute piece of piddle to bleed ;) . Get youself a big syringe (the big ones vets use are ideal) and back fill from the bleed nipple on the slave cylidner... Can be done from the top, or get someone to watch from the top, as you fill up from the bottom.

No pumping, or opening and closing of the brake pedal needed.

My maste rwent a few months after replacing the slave cylinder. You can do it in situ but i found it easier to take the clutch pedal assembly out and do it on the bench! Also had the aid of a buddy for bleeding :)
Clutch bleeding,you need a bottle and a bit of rubber pipe,undo nipple on clutch slave cylinder,place pipe on nipple,then have a friend on hand to fill up master cylinder resv,when resv is full pump clutch peddle up and down nice and easy untill fluid is going in to bottle,keep an eye on air bubbles in bottle,when bubbles have gone hold down clutch peddle down on floor then get your friend to lock up nipple on slave cylinder,remove pipe, pump peddle should be ok,
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