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Oil change time


Right, as the MOT is fast approaching, I need to give my 90 300TDi an oil change, the first one it will have had since I bought it last summer.

Any advice or recommendations? At the moment my thoughts are 10w40 grade oil, and either Castrol GTD Plus (just under £15.00 in Asda for 5 litres), or Millers XFE (£18.99 at the local motor factors). Any thoughts on that (like are either suitable ;) ), or any others I should look at? Is it worth spending the extra on Magnatec, or is regular stuff OK?
Personally I wouldn't bother with Magnatec, use a good quality semi synthetic or if high mileage, a decent mineral oil. I bought mine from a local motor factor and was a couple of quid cheaper than Halfrauds and the like.

Just done all my oils on both Land Rovers and got 5 gallons of used to get rid of, bit of a problem as all the local recycling centres have 5'6" headroom.
Use at least a 10 liter container to collect it in I think a 200tdi holds about 61/2 litres not sure on 300tdi

getting rid of waste is a major problem round here, 20 mile round trip to a recycle depot only open 4 hours a day on week days.

We use it to get fires going, preseve wood posts etc
a mate of mine paints used engine oil on his plastics. says the carbon makes them look blacker for longer. hmmm.
I have been using Castrol GTD Plus in my 300tdi Defender for several years.
Oil and filter changes are now due but I cannot find this oil anywhere.
I have almost 5 litres on the shelf, but need about 6.5 litres..................

Does anyone know where I can get some?
Has it been discontinued?


Paul (Cardiff)
FYI 300 takes bang on 6.8 litres. pre measure the extra over 5 in plastic milk bottles. However don't get overconfident and pour it in too quick as the holes from the top to sump are not so big.
If you do more than a couple of changes a year get the Difflock sump plug system - it is worth it. But beware. Last month i left the hose part in my porch to drain off overnight and some git actually stole it presumably for the tiny bit of brass on the end. :(
Thanks for the advice.
Halfords here in Cardiff don't stock it but I hadn't tried Asda.
I'll look tomorrow.

Thanks again

I've just popped up to my local Asda, and oh bum, they don't stock Castrol GTD Plus.
However they do stock Castrol GTX Diesel. I guess this might have to do!!!

Paul. :(

Whilst in Sainsburys today, I found Castrol GTD Plus.
Available in 2 litre (£9.99) and 5 litre (£17.99)

This is the only place that I have found it in Cardiff.

correct me if i'm wrong.....

but one tip is to remove the oil cap before emptying... this , i believe, allows the oil to flow out smoothly, making it easy to catch.

I always do the same with the oil filler cap.

I've followed the same routine for years;

Firstly I make sure that the engine is always warm (runny oil), remove the oil filler cap and filter, then leave the old engine oil to drain out whilst having a cuppa or getting on with something else till its stopped dripping.

I always do oil & filter changes just before the mot test.
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