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General Oil leak left side 300Tdi engine


Big Landy Fan
I posted this some time ago on www.difflock.com

Ever since I bought my 300TDi Defender I've had an oily engine block on the left side of the engine from about the exhaust manifold.
My daughter offered my a trip to Allisport when she got her boyfriend Discovery an large intercooler.
When this intercooler was being fitted I mentioned my oil leak.
Oh yes.The inlet manifold gasket will be cracked at No 1 inlet port.
At this time the Defender was in a container on its way to South Africa so I noted the remarks.

Today I got round to changing the gasket.
Not only was it broken at No 1,it was broken at No 4 and came off in three pieces.
So over the next couple of weeks I'll see if the engine block dries out.

Remove the inlet hose from the intercooler to inlet manifold.
There's now four holding bolts.
Two 10mm spanner size bolts through the inlet manifold.
Two 13mm spanner size nuts at the bottom of the inlet manifold.You might have to remove the small heat shield at the rear of the inlet manifold.
Remove the inlet manifold.
You can now see the exhaust manifold nuts.15mm socket I think!!
The exhaust manifold pulls away.Remove the old gasket.
Clean all surfaces.
Fir the new gasket.
The procedure is simply a reverse of the take apart bit.

The exhaust manifold and exhaust system are HEAVY.

I never use a gasket sealant.Maybe grease to hold a difficult paper one in place.
I do often use both a thread sealant and copper grease on long bolts.Not in this case however.Everything went on dry.

The blue stuff.Hylomar.Was developed by Rolls Royce as a sealant between two aluminium faces without the need for a gasket for their "B" series industrial engines.
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I have had an oil leak from the left side of the engine for longer than I can remember, I was under the misaprehension that it was oil leaking past one of the cylinder head bolts! The problem was originally from the rear of the engine, but lately there was evidence of oil leaking from the front of the engine too.

Thanks to this post I have just discovered that it was in fact the manifold gasket which had broken in way of the No. 1 and 4 inlet ports. Inspection of the faces on the inlet maniflod suggested that the full face had not been sealing implying that the manifold had warped. Checking with a straigthedge across the faces revealed minimal distortion.

Having replaced the gasket I have decided that I will retighten the manifold bolts after say two hundred miles, in the hope that it will prevent further leakage!

Gerald - did replacing the gasket cure your problem? Did you have oil around the cylinder head bolts ie on the cylinder head?


so i take it, the inlet manifold gasket is not separate from the exhaust manifold gasket, it just one long gasket for both inlet/exhaust...
I think I've got the same prob-what would be the consequences of this ,concerning fuel consumption and general running ?
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