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Oil Pressure Gauge

Ben Breese

Big Landy Fan
How do all, thinking of fitting an oil pressure gauge at some point. Do you just plug it into the original sender by the oil filter or do you have to replace the sender or drill a hole somewhere and put another sender in:eek: Tis a 200Tdi

Cheers, Ben
I already have one of these :D

If you get no answer, i will look tomorrow as i dont know, i would assume they just screw in....

I know you do toppa, I was hoping you were gonna shed some light but perhaps not eh:D
Did you have an oil pressure gauge on your old engine before it got changed? If so I'm guessing it used the original sender, either that or the garage swapped them.

Cheers, Ben
Yes there was oil pressure on the old engine, i think it is pipe fed form the sumpish area... will check 2moro for you...

The oil pressue gauge needs to have the feed taken off where the oil pressure switch is.
You remove the oil pressure switch and replace it with a "T" piece that lets you have both the gauge and the switch. Unless of course you fit an oil pressure gauge fron SPA-Uk which has an adjustable warning light fitted.

I have no idea what the sender thread is. I think there was a post on the 200Tdi thread somewhere.

Ben I'm in the same position as you. I picked up a random gauge and sender unit for oil pressure at sodbury sortout for a fiver, unfortunately my local LR enthusiast place had no idea where to get a T piece to fit it, and I'll be ******ed if I know. So it's been sitting in the back of me car for a year! :D

If anyone has any good suggestions on where to get a t piece, that'd be brilliant! :p
A suggestion.
A trip to you local dealer.
Buy an oil pressure switch. Take that to an emgineer who will measure it for you.
Then measure the sender for the gauge.
Look in Demon Tweeks catalogue to see if they see a "T" piece that you require. If not take all your bits to a local one man band turner and ask him to make one for you.

When you find the thread size for the 200Tdi PLEASE post it so we all know.
Most Boy Racer car parts and crap suppliers usually sell them, along with all the gauges.


Yes Chris. I also know that:p
However will they know or care what the thread size into the block is. :eek:
It coud be expensive if we get it wrong.
Looking at 1/8 NPT 1/8 BSP & 10mmx1mm. I can't see the difference and that's what worries me.
I doubt they would know, Mike. Good point.

I'd take the switch out and check the thread against the tee piece. It will only be Metric on later engines, (with metric bolts and stud threads), they will use metric fine.

I'll see if our suppliers have a list of oil switches and which threads they have. There must be something in the Trade Books.

Chris. I would love to know that thread size. Especially for the 300Tdi. I know it's 10mm but that's all.
I'm getting a SPA-UK voltmeter/oil pressure gauge. One of the digital ones.
The SPA senders are all 1/8NPT EXCEPT the oil pressure gauge sender which it 1/8 BSP.:eek:
I'm really going to have fun. :D
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