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Oil spinner


I have recently bought a 2003 TD5.(Manual)
On switching the engine off,there was the sound of something spooling down.
I have now replaced the oil spinner and the noise appears to have gone.
The spinner I took out was a genuine LR part,the replacement is Britpart.
The one I took out was much heavier,is that the sludge deposit,or the difference between genuine and non genuine?
Our old Scania lorry at work makes a similar spooling down sound and also has an oil spinner.
Why would the noise stop,less weight to keep it spinning or less wear in the spindle bushes,or what??

Also,the engine sounds different to our other,automatic TD5,harsher.The other one has 70000 more miles on it but sounds much smoother.Any ideas??

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Chuck that oil rotor out and fit a proper one - if you cant hear it running down then its too tight on the shaft and not spinning,therefore not filtering either.As for the sound,its quite common for them to sound a bit different plus the auto one is set up to produce a higher out put than the manual.
Some filters are noisier than others. And that is the same even if from the same supplier. The first one in my DII was noisy, the second quieter and the third quieter still. The first two were LR originals the last one (I think) was Coopers. Anyway, as long as you can hear something, you know it's spinning.
Thanks for that,I can still hear it,if I open the bonnet and listen closely.

Before I changed it,I could hear it spinning down from inside my front door.

I am pretty certain the TD5 engine as fitted to the Discovery is rated the same horsepower same regardless whether manual or auto.

Late TDI fitted with EDC had slightly more power than manual versions to compensate for the auto box.

Mine has always been quiet but old filter is always heavier than new one so i dont worry.

Should never be as noisy as a Scania!

Oh yeh i have had all makes of filters on my cars over the years and i always smile when people say genuine only, have you ever heard of a Landrover filter factory?

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