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oily overdrive

joe m

Shifting Up
Hi,I recently noticed an oil leak from the top plate on my fairey overdrive.
The oil appears to be coming from a split pin in the plate [not to sure what the pin is for, breather perhaps?]
Just wondering if any of you have came across this problem?:confused:
mine leaks from the bolt on the bottom but never had any probs with the top plate i don't think.... i'll have a look at mine and see about the split pin...
Yes, split pins are used in breather holes to keep them clear. Check it isn't overfull. You have a little jiggle pin in the thermostat for the same reason.

That is the breather and yes floods of oil come out of it. Very normal for a fairey O/D. I dunno if any one ever came up with great solution but the previuos owner of mine put a ring of sillicone sealant around the hole note around not in the hole the efffect is like a funnel oil comes up then goes back down the breather hole without spreading across the plate and rest of O/D. or you could just keep an eye on the level.
Thanks for the replies.
I did notice the oil level was way up the dip stick and looked well used so I decided to change it.I think I have slightly over filled it again![I'll check it again later].
I ran out of EP 90 and used EP 80W90 instead .Is this oil OK to use in these boxes or will this make the leaking worse?
Does 0.4lt [3/4pt]sound right for the amount of oil it should hold? :rolleyes:
the oil you used is fine and won't have any effect on the leaking but use GL4 spec oil not GL5 I've been told GL5 attacks the bronze used in the synchros. As for overfilling i filled mine right to the very top it quietened down a treat :D no problems with it and this was two years ago with a lot of motorway miles since, but yes it did throw a lot of oil out but it all adds to uderbody corrosion protection;)
The o/d is the last on my list of oil changes (well ep90 anyhow) Done the diffs, gearbox and transfer box but am struggling a little for access above the O/d.
O/d or not? Have heard from a landyfriend that the o/d on series is unreliabel, and that spares are costly. Opinions?
I was thinking about brazing on a tube ,then fitting a plastic/rubber tube and running it into chassis somewhere ?
As for filling O/D with oil , I filled mine with the middle seat out and top plate off. If I couldn't access this from above I think I would try to squeeze it through dipstick/ filler hole from underneath.I know this does'nt sound like much fun but the unit is only meant to hold 3/4 pt and shouldn't take too long! Better still, find someone with a volume bucket and pump it in .;)
One more thing!
With regards the question,'Is it worth fitting an overdrive?'
Well, mines came with it fitted, but if it didn't ,I would definately be trying to get my hands on one. It's a great relief to driver, passengers and more importantly my landy when overdrive is selected , must save a bit of fuel aswell I suppose! :)
It's true they are primative , a bit loud and as I've just learned they leak oil from breather on top plate. This said ,in todays terms,my whole ser 3 looks like it was designed and built by cave men , will deafen you with O/D in or out and when theres no more oil leaks I'll wait for the BANG!:eek:
If you can get a good one cheap, enough,I would. ;)
I took my top plate off and drilled out the hole where the split pin was. I soldered a bit of bent copper tube to the lid and made a remote breather.This way it still breathes but the oil won't come out so easily.I seems to work well.

O/d or not? Have heard from a landyfriend that the o/d on series is unreliabel, and that spares are costly. Opinions?

If abused with harsh engagements then they can be a little fragile but I wouldn't say especially unreliable but the teeth on the clutch hub and main shaft are a weak point and the replacement parts can cost half the price of another second hand unit. Definitely worth getting though.

You mean the big lump of chequer plate bolted in place with my Cubby box/radio on.. Just going to be a pain to remove! But hey we live and learn :).

I thought "cubby box" as soon as I pressed submit Doh!:eek:
The simple and effective way to stop the O/D blowing is to check the level in the transfer box. The oil migrates from the main box into the transfer box, and then takes the easy way out...(Most usually through the output shaft oilseal, into the handbrake drum)...when the pressure builds up in the transfer box. Its taking the easiest route out, the O/D seal must have been weaker than the output shaft one maybe, I dunno.

I bet when you take the filler/level plug out, you get a good couple of pints more than you expect....:)

Then once the level in the O/D is normal, it shouldnt blow out of there at all...but you can put a blob of grease on the split pin, it stops the odd splash, but blows off and lets oil out if the pressure builds up in there.
This 'migrating oil' would explain the oil level in the unit when I first checked it.No-one could miss the dip-stick level mark by that much!
Before I get the welding gear out I think I might try your trick with the grease on the split pin. ;) I can see how this might work, thanks for the tip!
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