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Overdrive Update and Long Trip down South


Accelerating Away
Got the O/D fitted before Xmas, was not that straight forward as their was a fault in the wiring harness supplied menaing it did not operate, very frustration but GKN sent out another and it cured the problem. Landie was great with the O/D and I always use clutch for changes. What a reduction in engine revs and noise especially around 60-70 mph.
We went from Arisaig down to Portsmouth to get our new boat. Got Landie fully Waxolyed by David Pugh at Sandbach, Cheshire on the way down, Top Job and done in less than 24hrs with 30 ltrs waxoyl.
Collected empty trailer from near Birmingham and proceeded to Portsmouth, Haling island actually I think. Stayed overnight with boat owners and loaded up and drove home in a one-er.
Left at 10:30am and arrived home at half after midnight, a bit sore in the knees etc. Last part of road is pretty windy and single track. Not couting breaks trip hoe was probably average of 55mph with trailer and boat weighing about 2.5 tonnes.
Trip down was much faster and quite often between 70 and 80 with large expedition style roof rack and spare wheel on top.
Average for the whole trip was 18-19 mog which was not too bad considereing he speeds. If we had more time we would have driven more economically and probably got nearer 25 mpg. Total mileage for the whole trip was 1280 miles.
But overall good trip, good landie and good overdrive. Jack Russell pup enjoyed it too.
Has now been in for the oil change on the overdrive unit and I cannot stress how much I enjoy he overdrive for alowing half gear changes when towing.
Hope I have not bored you all, will need to post a photo of the double cab one of these days soon !!!
Just been to Ireland and back with mine. The OD makes a huge difference to long distance driving, well impressed. Need to do oil change now if it ever stops raining.
Thanks Mike.

I've put one of these onto my Christmas 2007 list.

GKN vs Roverdrive. Which is better?

I don't know.
From a personal point of view I'd rather have the mechanical one but only the GKN was available when I bought mine.
Would you like a look at mine later this year.
We're over to your country to take the sand back off our boots but I think we may need to return what we bring back again :D :D

Margaret has just started getting things sorted. A couple more E mails and we'll know where we'll be at such times.

For those of you that's just fitted the overdrive.After you change the oil. Half the mileage that GKN tell you for your next oil change,their times are too long.
David Pugh at Sandbach Cheshire. He advertises in the back of LRO I think. I do not have his phone number with me at work here in Russia, maybe somebody else has it or you could look it up in phone book. Maybe somebody else knows him as he does a quite a biut of Land Rover work and is also a Land Rover Club Member.
No e-mail or website I am aware of but try this

D.J Pugh (House)
TEL: 01270 765200
90 Manor Rd, Sandbach CW11 2LU

D.J Pugh (Workshop I think)
TEL: 01477 500082
Lovelane Fm Love La, Betchton, Sandbach CW11 2TT

Thank technology for the online phone book !! www.thephonebook.bt.com

As I said highly recommended !!!:)
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