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Paint SWB S3 stationwagon roof.



I have a S3 SWB Stationwagon. The roof is in a sad state and is leaking somewhere. I am going to have to take off the tropical roof, and paint it. I also need to make sure the 'normal' roof is watertight, and paint it too.

I don't have any special facilities or spraying knowledge. I beleive that the these roofs should be limestone in colour. Does anybody know how much paint i'll need, the best way to apply it by hand (not spraying), and also the best way to ensure the roof is watertight?

Any help really appreciated. I am concerned that the water leaking through to the footwells, will do long-term damage.

Many thanks,

assuming that you're going to spray it with cellulose, and that you'll only be doing the outside of each panel, 2L should be ample, mixed with the appropriate amount of thinners. Try to do it in the warm to avoid blooming.

Tiger Seal is an excellent PU adhesive and sealant, available in Mastik type gun tubes. Clean out the gutter channel thoroughly, replace or re-tighten any loose rivets, then partially fill the entire gutter (like is done on Defenders), covering all the rivets and the jount with 2mm or more of the sealant. Try to get as smooth a finish as possible. Once fully dried, the Tiger Seal can be painted with the rest of the roff, if desired. It's more expensive than silicone sealant, but it will never perish or separate like silicone does, especially if you ensure the surface is properly cleaned first.
IMHO a quarter of litre of paint should be adequate for brushing providing you don't put it on like tar, but you will need to buy a litre tin anyway. I wouldn't rush to buy two. Thin with the same brand of thinners as the paint you buy. You should also only need one litre of this. You can also wash your brush out in the thinners too. Limestone or cream or whatever looks good. You are obviously taking it off to seal it so easier to paint while it is on the ground. Why don't you wait until summer. For some reason everyone on this forum wants to paint their vehicles in winter. This is not a good idea. Your footwells are not going to fall apart between now and May/June - assuming they are relatively intact. Haven't you any other jobs to do on it in the winter, nuts, bolts and things like that? underneath in the slush and snow? Adrian
Hi, Adrian.

I can live with the damp, for now. I think the guy I bought the Landy from had had it under some low hanging branches for ages, as the paint is shoddy, and discoloured green. I agree with you, summer would seem like a better idea.

Maybe I can find a replacement tropical roof and have is sprayed/ painted, so I just need to attach it. I will still need to seal and paint the "normal" roof.



(PS, anyone taken a Landy through a carwash? Do they survive?)
Didn't realise the problem was discolouration. If the paint is not damaged or deteriorating/flaking - you can may be able to wash this off, if it's just green slime. Car wash no, scrubbing brush and soapy water, see if it cleans up. Do you want to post some pix? Adrian:)
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