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Panhard Rod bushes........AGAIN

Ben Breese

Big Landy Fan
Ok, so the bushes in my panhard rod have gone kaput again. Its the 4th set in 12 months, so whats going on?? Anyone got any ideas what could cause them to go this frequently? The first 3 sets were britpart ones and I put it down to that, so these are genuine ones I put in now, and they've gone the same. Didn't seem to last any longer than before.
The bolts go in easy when I put the rod back on so its all aligned ok. Could the rod be slightly bent? Would that cause it? I've got a steering guard so I dont see how I could of bent it........
It seemed to start happening after I put the 200Tdi in from the old TD, coincidence or? My springs are pretty shot, their old and have lost the strength and are sagging, could this have anything to do with it? Extra pressure on the rod ect ect? I'm gonna get new springs and shocks (my shocks are ok thought, but I'm going to do it all).
Tyres are wearing fine, all balanced and ok. Somethings gotta be wrong, they shouldn't be wearing out in 3 months.
Any ideas fellas?:(

Cheers, Ben
The bushes go when they twist too much, Ben.

Did you let the truck back onto the ground before you tightened the bolts up? They need to be in their normal ride position.

It only locates the axle sideways movement, so it looks like the springs and shocks.

It the rubbers are shearing, they are twisting to much.

Weak springs won't help.
As ADA says - polybush is the only way to go !

[told you that last time around !]
If the springs and shocks are weak, the bushes get twisted and over worked. If it's happened since the engine change, then it's probably a heavier engine and too much axle movement.

It's a common thing on the rear of BMWs when the bottom coil fractures, it takes out the rubber bush on the arm.

A majority of car bush failures are down to a fractured spring or damper fault.

Ok Chris, cheers. And all the others of course:D Looks like new springs and dampers are on there way then! I did think it might be because the 200 is heavier, wasn't sure the relation between the suspension and steering though.

Cheers, Ben
I'll try some poly's too then. Are they the propper genuine polybushes you've got fitted? Where do you get them from?:confused:

Cheers, Ben
Ok, I'll give them a crack. Genuine ones are they? You can get 'Deflex' polybushes that I presume arn't genuine?? Also, which ones? Classic or comfort? I wanna be able to feel where I'm going (well, as much as possible in a landrover:rolleyes:) not have rubber steering:D

Cheers, Ben
Just looked at the MM site, can only find them as a kit. A link would be handy to just the panhard bushes would be useful if anyones got one:eek:

Cheers, Ben
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