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PAS pulley, where has that gone?


I was driving along in my 110 and all of a sudden a tapping noise started in the engine bay. The noise was engine speed related so I thought I better stop ASAP and take a look. (I was a little worried at this point as I have just had a new engine fitted). I turned into a side street where I knew I could pull over and have a look. As I turned the tapping turned into a banging/thumping and then it stopped, and the steering got very heavy. I pulled over and lifted the bonnet and the PAS belt was lose. After staring at the engine for a few seconds I then noticed something wasn't quite right, the pulley was missing from the PAS pump, hmm. I have no idea why this happened, the pump still turns freely with no resistance etc, but for some reason the pulley has been ripped clean off the pump. All I can think of is that it got out of balance some how and spun its self to bits. I have managed to order a new pulley so I hope it goes on and everything is as it should be.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?
No personally, but I'm intrigued.

Was it ripped clean off? i.e. is the centre of the pulley still attached with the three bolts? Any pix?
No personally, but I'm intrigued.

Was it ripped clean off? i.e. is the centre of the pulley still attached with the three bolts? Any pix?
Yes exactly that. The pulley has ripped clean off the main shaft. The 3 bolts are still in place and there was a little triangle piece of jagged metal still attached. I'll get some pictures later. I drove past where it happened and I recovered the pulley from the side of the road. The is no obvious damage to what may have caused it, and the belt is still in good order. No signs of the belt rubbing before it spun off etc. very random
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Slightly unrelated but once my Dad's Audi 80 (going back some years now!) had gone in for a service. He was taking me somewhere, and as we drove through the town there was a clunkclunk rattle and we lost power steering. Never mind; we headed off home, and about 10 minutes from home there was a clunk clunk bonk rattle rattle and the dashboard lit up like a christmas tree. Turned out they'd tightened all the pullies far too tight at the service, and they'd just sheered off. At this point we had no alternator, water pump, power steering... anything really! managed to get home before the engine overheated!


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You mentioned its got a new engine. Was this a like for like replacement or is it different, meaning the pump pulley does not line up with the crank pulley causing the belt to pull forwards on your broken PAS pulley? The pulley looks a bit rusty where it broke, maybe hairline crack from being dropped or thumped by large object offroad?
Everything lined up no problems. Dad and I fitted the engine and we simply just swapped over all the ancillaries. Its done 500 miles on the new engine so if it was out of place in sure it would have done it sooner. Like you say there may have been a hairline crack. The metal looks very thin at that point plus it is probably the original PAS pump and pulley so probably a little tired
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Slightly off topic, but i need to add a pulley for pas as the replacement engine i have just installed did not have one( this is a 3.5v8 110) I am having a little trouble adding the second pulley as the bolts seem to keep spining, are the nuts behind captive or loose? As i cant seem to see behind.

Is it the main crank pulley you are trying to add or a pulley to the PAS pump? On mine there is nothing behind PAS pulley. The triangle casting has 3 threaded holes for the bolts, no nuts. (Similar shape to the small bit of metal in my pictures). Is it a singe pulley you are trying to fit?
it looks liek rust killed it to be honest. I paint the front of my pully in old engin oil (not a lot otherwise you'll quickly have no steering) just enough to keep the rust away from the boltholes. the PAS pump is really low next to all the water spray...my dad used to do it on an old international tractor he had...it went through 2 pulleys in 2 years due to rust then he started oiling them
It's a stress fracture. If the pulley is very slightly out of line, it runs with a very slight wobble. When the pulley turns, the belt tightens on one side, then the other as it turns. It tries to flex at the weakest point, that is usually where the bolt holes are.

It could be a slightly bent shaft, the pulley could have taken a knock or there was a bit of dirt or rust between the pulley and the shaft flange on assembly.

When you fit the new pulley, check the shaft is true.

Yes, the engine i have just fitted was from a stage 1 V8 and so without crank PAS pulley. I am trying to add my PAS pulley from the original engine, but it was extremely difficult to get the old one off, and so i wondered if there was a particular way to do it.

Many thanks.
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