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picked up a cheap snorkel


In Second Gear
I have just picked up a dead cheap snorkel for £30 its new in a old mantec style and was wondering if there is any detrimental effects on fitting a snorkel.(Believe it was originally purchased from Paddocks)
I never needed to wade as of yet so it would be more for aesthetics than anything else.
Any advice appreciated
Cheers Mac
Oh I run a 99 TD5 90 with allisport intercooler and k&n air filter.
however much my mates try to convince me otherwise i still maintain the view that it restricts airflow. it must do, surely?
On the other hand tommo it will be bringing in cooler air than from under the bonnet!

I've done a fair bit of research on this and I undo the pipe at the air filter when I don't need the snorkel.

Performance goes down and fuel consumption goes up with the snorkel fitted.

Even my nice Safari snorkel that allegedly "pushes" air into the air filter by means of it's design messes with my fuel economy.

Oh I run a 99 TD5 90 with allisport intercooler and k&n air filter.

Mac....have you had your td5 remapped??? You have an allisport intercooler but no mention of power upgrade?

I fitted a safari and noticed no change. Still goes faster than 98% of td5's out there. This has been discussed MANY times on many forums. People can never come to any conclusion as they have no evidnce.

One guy said the safari lowered BHP by 3 BHP, however, indoor rolling road tests are not completely accurate anyway, also the safari snorkel works on the premise that the vehicle is moving = greater air intake.

If its a mushroom topped one then it may affect air flow. If you put your hand near a safari snorkel head, you can feel your hand being sucked towards the grille.

Air is air in my opinion, the engine will always be supplied with what it needs or you would see black smoke from un-burnt fuel.

I'd get it fitted if it looks good. :)

Remember. The snorkel is sold as a ''raised air intake''. Landrover only recomend the ones they fit for picking up clearner air...basicly because there not stupid enought to say ''fit this and you can drive underwater''
The safari is sold for picking up cleaner dust free air, with the idea you turn the head backward when it gets dusty. So the most pratical thing most snorkles do is keep your air filter cleaner. You dont need a snorkel for water waading technicaly because of the bow wave principle, and any deeper than this and all your ECU electrcs would be knackerd.
thanks for all the input there seems to be a lot of opinions on this one.
So i have stuck it on this afternoon will know in the next few days what difference it makes.

when the allisport intercooler was fitted I also fitted a tunit deisel performance box inline with the ecu.
The tunit box increased power greatly but did induce a horrible flat spot at about 1800rpm so I ended up returning to tunit.
My ECU is the older type and not so easy to remap I am thinking about sending it down to allisport to rechip but that means my landie being of the road and thats not really an option just now.
Thanks again for all the advice.
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