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please dont make fun


cos I know they should be muddy anyway, but the thing is I have a problem with my arch extenders. Some numpty has, at some point prior to me buyin the motor last year, waxed the motor and got wax onto the arch extenders. As they are the black ones and not colour coded they now look an absolute mess cos there is all this white stuff round the edge:( Does anyone know of a good product to get them looking nice and black again? I have been told back to black isnt that good so any other suggestions?:confused: :confused: (nice ones only please:D )
Try a wipe with a little white spirit, or even better is a wipe over with some Autoglym Bumper care.

Works for me :) .
Either take them off or mask the truck body, clean the wheel arch extenders with white spirit or thinners and spray them with Bradley's Liquid Plastic.

It's important that you remove all the wax prior to spraying the liquid plastic.

They will look like they did the day the truck left the showroom.
On my old motors with black bumpers i always used to use wd40.. would last a week or so.. But by then the car would have been dirty enough that they didn't stand out :)
Red has just used linseed oil, and they look a treat, did wonders for his dash and door trims aswell, may give it a crack myself, as i have the exact same problem as you....

Olive or sunflower oil will work just as well as anything else at getting the wax deposits back off your trim. And its dead cheap!
Mrsjohnty, I'm a car valeter and all the oils suggested will only hide the white residue for a while, what you need is Tar & Glue remover, this will remove the residue and bring up the arches at the same time, just dont leave it on too long as it can fade the colour if left, you can then apply the oils to get the black look back,
Hope this helps,

Thanks, I think I have some of that somewhere cos we used to get tar on the mundano regularly round here.......... hope I have not left it too long already:rolleyes:
Surely you lose some flexibility if you do this though:confused:

Worked fine on my 90 & matched my wheels (did them matt too) ... cheap & easy to re-apply if needed. ;)


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