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yeah but if you're say, sending your address or sharing any other personal information to another member, shouldn't the private message be exactly what it says on the tin??? maybe I dont want the Moderators to know my exact whereabouts or anything personal for that matter.
On another car related forum that I am an admin/mod we can access peoples PM's, it's not easy to do so but it is possible. We have only had to do it a handful of times. Once was when a forum member threatened to shoot another member because he took offence to something that was said!:eek: Normally you would ignore this sort of thing but from reading his posts, he had access to his brothers rifles and had posted pictures of him with the gun so we had to take it seriously.

We did our own investigating, trawling through past threads and eventually PM's to find his name and address. Reported him to the police, I think the police visited but he denied everything although we had evidence from the forum of his threats.

I wanted to ban him but got out voted so I have little to do with the forum now although I am a founding member.
Only thing I will say on the matter is that Im a network admin, so I have access to everyones e-mails in work. Not once have I looked at other peoples e-mail without just cause as I really am not interested in other peoples personal lives heh!
i had a message board once and i could read everyones pm's.
not that i did though but i could if i wanted to.
i think if you need to send delicate information do it by e mail.
To answer you question, yes Admin can read pm's but only by going through the Database itself. As you may imagine, not an easy task in itself (everything is logged in there, and you need ideally a date and time to help you find anything inparticular) and not something we would do. It is not a question of clicking a button and hey bingo, look at so and so's pm's.

The only time we would even consider looking into pm's is if a serious dispute has occurred on the forum, (which todate hasn't) or if we are requested by the Police to provide the information, (again which hasn't happened)

The information itself is not freely accessible to anyone else, for example the moderators or site staff, as they do not have access to the actual database or forum software.

With regard to e-mails been more secure, actually no they are not, as when you send the e-mail out from your machine, again a copy is retained by firstly the company you use, and also by the person you send it to. They do this to protect themselves if a Police investigation is carried out. These e-mails are accessible to various people who work for these companies, (far more than the pm system on this forum... :) ) You only have to look at the news, and see the cases of bombers on trials or the tracking of sex offenders, and how they talk about those e-mails sent by those parties and the content. How do you think the Police get that information?

The internet is not a secure environment, if you feel the information you are sending is highly confidential, the only way to make sure it stays that way is to actually go to that person and hand it to them personally, the next best thing is the good old postal service...
This question & others about internet security were of interest to me when I first joined the site as I had close monitoring via the children. They wished to vet who was writing to me & the other way round.
It was already apparent to me that nothing was private as anyone can view what is written on a screen, be it PM's, e-mails or text.

One has to decide if they have a problem with it or can live like that minus worry.

Now my children & their friends are older & have built & run sites themselves, they enjoy telling me of what they are capable of. Not knowing which is true or fabrication I have been helped to understand some of the possibilities that I wasn't aware of.

One of the best tricks I've seen is to place a lap-top next to the PC & tranfer the picture on the screen (by moving the mouse) onto the other screen. :)

Webcams can be turned on, passwords can be presaved, PC can be stopped at start-up & in safe mode passwords can be accessed.
Mobile phones with camara's can film your actions if someone is standing near.
Bluetooth & gadgetry can pick-up unsecure networks & use their internet connection.
IP addresses can be traced to area's or indeed hidden via proxy servers or not remain static if you do not have a constant broadband connection.
MSN & the like convo's can be copy pasted & posted either in or out of context.
& net grapevine can do amazing things with peoples lives. Last night at home was a great example of how the net can be used to either someones advantage or disadvantage.. I won't bore you with the details :D
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