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Polish Road Signs


Big Landy Fan
I see the Daily Express has picked up on the Polish road signs we have near me in the road works. There due to the fact alot of local companies are using polish drivers, personally I would hope they would at least make sure they understood road signs before they give them the keys to a 30-odd tonne truck :shock:
heard from sainsbury drivers that tesco's took on loads of polish drivers but then had to lay then off due to the amount of crashes that they had-so proberly not to fussed by road signs
Sorry, but especially with the sign thats pictured why the need for polish? Isn't the picture there to give the message to non-english readers?
It's crazy, first off as said the pictures are pretty self explanatory. Beyond that, if the flamin highways authorities made diversion signs a bit less complicated it would help. The ones they have translated sound like a flamin dissertation. What's wrong with 'Diversion A69 North'.? Clear and simple, and if a professional driver can't understand that in a foreign language he really shouldn't be on the roads at all.
My mate Dave is dyslexic. Can you all please sign the petition to make the government employ people to stand at roadworks and guide him through the maze - he finds that the little pictures are confusing, and he doesn't do words too well either.

Thank you.

www. petition/wakeupnsmellcoffee/[email protected]
Personally I love the word at the top of the sign....Uwaga!
Noidea what it means but could make a damn good battle cry of Landy owners everywhere, surely?

as soon as am in the uk, i'll drive through all road works, ignore all speed cameras and drive as i please as the signs are not in maltese and cant understand a thing from what you north people write in your language "inglix"!!!

tnx for funding my excuses :D

autobahn?! why bother?! got the M1 now :D
Wifey spoke to someone from cheshire CC today, seems there is more to this. There were some major roadworks near here a few months ago, all the polish drivers ignored the signs and cause £25K worth of damage as they ignored the signs, which the council paid to fix (hedges, grass banks, fences etc), there was also a few cases of the traffic management people being threatened by foriegn drivers when they were stopped and made to turn around.
The signs cost over £10k to make :eek:
Perhaps it would be cheaper for them to employ Polish workers to direct the traffic in such danger areas than to keep producing new signs.
Would anyone be suprised to hear that the UK Govenment are employing teachers to work in Poland to teach English to the Poles...?

Sorry its not a question.....its a fact..
One Polish bus driver in Glasgow drove the bus through the window of Marks and Spencers. When questioned he replied he didn`t know how it happened as he was upstairs taking fares at the time........

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