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Poorly defender


In Second Gear
Hello everyone I'm looking for some advice. My 1988 turbo diesal defender seems to be struggling. When I start her up she struggles briefly, fires up, idles for a second or two and then dies. Once she has been restarted once or twice and given some revs she's ok. Where do I start to look to solve this.

Also any friendly landrover garages/ accessories shops near Altrincham, cheshire.

When is this? Engine hot? cold? been left standing? regular use? fuel level in tank? parked level or sloping?
My money would be on a small air leak, but without knowing more about when the problem occurs it's a stab in the dark.
The problem occurs on start up from cold. Plenty of fuel in the tank, parked on the level, the landy is used for short runs, less than 5km daily. Once it does start it carrys on going and doesn't cut out. One suggestion one of the lads at work had was fuel pump. Enough fuel to start up left from last time it was running, but slow to draw more through although I suppose air leak would have simular effect.

Thanks for the responses and any further ideas appreciated
Let's do the jobs that don't cost first :D :D
Remove the heater plugs and check them.Check them by testing each one in turn from the battery.
If you don't know how to test them please ask.
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