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How Do I? portable dvd players


Extreme Landy Fan
when the dustbin lids are in the back on long journeys they have the dvd thingy on....now, its not that quet in the back, so i was looking for some sort of way to amplify the headphone socket on the set so they can hear it better thru a speaker or 2...any ideas gang..ADA
Maplin do something like this

or you can get some PC speekrs (with internal amp) and a small jack plug ... some can run of a fag lighter this combine with a walkman was the entertaiment system in my first car

have a look on e bay for amps in the car stereo section, they come around cheap enough.
look for one with phono inputs , then get a stereo jack to phono lead , connect them up with some speakers and away you go.
the volume will still be controlled via the dvd player and you have the option to plug in mp3 players , cd players etc.
R.......good finking batman.....i'm gonna up grade the stereo anyhow, so it would make sense to do that...nice one Rob.....;)
I would look more closely down the route of larger headphones that will exclude a lot of the noise, and ideally Active Noise Reduction too. Using basic lightweight earphones at high volumes will damage their hearing, and noise damage is irreparable.
yeah thats a thought , if you amplify the dvd player through an amp and speakers , will you be content in the front listening to Nemo or harry potter at high volume?
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