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Pro's & con's of coil spacer


Shifting Up
I'm considering the use of 1 inch spacer on rear coil of 110. Spacer is machined aluminium to be placed between axle perch and the seat of the coil. I'm interested in any opinions or experiences with this type of lift.
i thought about this exept on the front as my 110 stis about 3in higher at the back. longer dampers would be advisable, or dropped damper mounts. but i cant see there being any cons with just a 1" spacer.
I have used 1" spacers under the springs of my old disco. Original dampers were ok but the springs were tired. I made the spacers at work cuz I was too tight to buy new springs!!
I don't think you woill have to change anything if you are only going for 1"
I have a 2" lift on my 90 ,when i mounted a winch on the front i put 3/4" ally spacers on the front axle to compensate for the extra weight ...no problems with them at all .
I'm in the other boat, I wouldn't put spacers under the springs. ;)
Mainly because you end up with springs that are operating at a height that they are not rated for. Also a spacer is no compensation for tired springs, they're are still weak no matter how high they look and increasing the vehicles CofG on weak springs is asking for trouble.

What's the difference in price between buying the spacers and buying new, uprated springs?
Mill Services sell the rear spacers for £38 and Paddocks do 420lb/inch 110 H/D rear springs for £58.75 a pair. What's the point in fitting spacers when there's only £20 difference?

One other option for the 110 is to fit "helper springs". These are smaller dia' and fit inside the standard springs. They are used by the electric boards etc who carry heavy loads all the time. ;)
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