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Extreme Landy Fan
Last night when we drove the D2 into the garage i heard a serious hissing sound coming from the offside back tyre.

I figured it had a puncture.

Since the tyres are filled with Nitrogen, I left the garage doors open to allows the Nitrogen to escape into the atmosphere.

Confession time: it was my birthday, I was the passenger and I wasn't in a state where I could pay plenty of attention to the problem there and then.

This morning I jacked the truck up, fitted the spare and took the flat to the tyre place.

They pumped the tyre to 250kpa (the pressure I run them at) and struggled for the best part of half an hour to find the puncture.

I left the tyre with them, but they just called to ask if I can collect the tyre as there's nothing wrong with it.

The tyre is a Michelin 235/70 x 16

Any ideas what could have happened for the tyre to just deflate?
Possibly a dodgey valve? When they re-inflated it, the valve may have freed up and works correctly again!

It's now parked on my driveway so I can keep an eye on it.

Let's hope it never does it again. I'm not in the mood for changing tyres in the middle of the bush - unless it's a real puncture.

Our roads aren't as good as they used to be. This morning when we were looking at the tyre, the guys showed me a number of small cuts, glass remains and other bits and bobs that you guys generally don't find on your tyres in the UK.
I have had a slow puncture since doing some laning at Christmas. Took it to a local tyre place and no sign of a puncture. They checked the valve and no problems. Whilst chatting to them we could hear some hissing and found it to be coming from between the rim and tyre bead, where the balance weights were.

Removed the tyre and cleaned the rim that was a bit gritty and dirty but no corrosion, they slapped some sealant onto the rim and re-fitted it. So hopefully thats sorted.

Incidentally, they had a lot of trouble re-balancing the wheel. It needed 215 grams on the outside so they removed the tyre and refitted it in a different place and needed 110 grams, still 3 big weights though.:confused:

They are BFG AT's, anybody else had balancing problems?
No prizes for guessing what was waiting for me when I opened the garage door this morning.

I've taken the tyre off and will take it back to the tyre guys just now. I'm going to ask them to remove it from the rim, replace the valve stem and check everything thoroughly.
Inflate then spray the whole tire and bead area with soapy water, look for bubbles or sink in a big water tank.
Inflate then spray the whole tire and bead area with soapy water, look for bubbles or sink in a big water tank.

Thanks mate!

I think I'll pop it into the swimming pool in the morning :D

The guys at the tyre place fitted a new valve, so we'll see what happens...
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