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question about my laguna if ya dont mind


Shifting Up
sorry guy's but i need to fix my laguna so i sell it and spend the money on my freelander, i have a problem reversing, couple of weeks ago i felt something hit under the car, thought it was a stick but it wasnt, nothing on the road, 2nd gear jumps out and theres alot of travel on the gearstick under load, it moves by itself while accelerating, and now while reversing after a few yards the wheels lock up and it shudders to a halt, could it be something simple like a gearbox mount come off and that could of been what hit under the car, any ideas,all other gears are ok, but second jumps out and reverse just stops after a few yards,
opens bonnet...shakes head...sucks in breath....:rolleyes: realistically doubt it's a mounting, isn't the car front wheel drive? gearbox by engine? surely you can check if the mounting is loose/off but to me if you felt a clunk and nothing was there and now you have a problem it would seem summat has let go inside the box..maybe the shaft for reverse shares some gear with 2nd??? eitherway it's a guess unless we can see it mate..good luck,hope it is an easy fix!
There is a tie bar from the bulkhead to the gearbox, the bolt shears off in the box. That rod is to stop the engine/gearbox pack moving because of the Torque reaction and to hold the position for the selector rod.

Look underneath, to the inside of the diff casing.

I've got a Laguna gearbox sitting here for the taking away but you're probably a bit far away. Also have doors, starter motor, alternator, radiator and other bits stripped off an old one. I'll try ebaying them, and when no one wants them I'll scrap them.
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