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Rain getting into the Snorkle on Def 110


In Second Gear
Has anyone heard of heavy rain downpour getting into the engine through the snorkel assy on a 2004 Defender 110 with 2.5l TD5.

I would think that the Snorkle assembly would be water tight.
(I have forded any rivers or streams since I bought the Landy)

This option on my Defender was dealer installed but I don't know if they did not gasket it properly or what.

Now I am facing about US$2000 worth of work on the engine.

Any comments would be much appreciated.
Yes and no Dave. Look at old threads and there are arguments for and against sealing up the valve.


From what I recall (and advise from Geo) TD5 dump valves are better than TDis so don't need silconing up...having said that if I ever get stuck whilst waing the engine would be switched off very quickly.

Wonder if tk110's snorkle install included sealing the dump valve?
My reasoning for not sealing the valve when wading is the water pressure will keep the valve closed leaving it to operate as normal when out of water. If it's sealed, where does the water that collects (through top of snorkel/rain/condenstion) go?

Snorkels are not intended for wading they are intended to prolong the life of the air filter when operating in dusty conditions

It depends what type of Snorkal. There are those on sale that are for deep-water usage, while others are not if I recall correctly.
Thanks for feedback guys.
To followup on the issue.
The dealer has come through in this issue.
They are now the good guys!

Apparently they did seal the valve for whatever reason when they installed the snorkle which was purchased from LR UK (I don't know what model number). The single heavy rain was enough to flood the engine. The high compression ratios in the TD5 bent a piston rod and who knows what other damage was done to the engine.

They repaired everything at no cost to me (the Defender only has like 4000 miles on it).

Apparently the official LR guidelines are to leave the valve functional and they are claiming the engine is now good as new. The compression checks out good on all 5 cylinders....etc.

The bent rod was sent back to LR UK for reference.

Does anyone know of any long term degradation I might expect from this mishap?
Snorkels are not intended for wading they are intended to prolong the life of the air filter when operating in dusty conditions
Although the main reason for fitting my snorkal was for operating in dusty conditions, they are also used for deep water wading.

This following is a quote from Land Rover's own fitting instructions for a snorkel which indicates the snorkal's purpose of deep water wading.

"The following procedures are to be followed carefully when the vehicle is to be used for deep water wading."

Royal Marine Land Rovers have snorkals fitted for that very purpose when they drive off landing craft.

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