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Rear seat belts lock too soon


Shifting Up
Bit of an unexpected problem cropped up at the weekend, wondered if anyone has any experience of the problem - its it a general issue, a common problem (with an easy fix! :)?

Basically I had some adult passengers in the back of the car for the 1st time, they found that the rear belts seem to lock if you stop pulling them out after about 1/2 to 3/4 of the length. For larger bodies that need a lot of belt this means that the passenger pulls the belt half way (as they reach round to grab it from the side) but then find its lock for any more forward extension and won't allow any more of the belt out. The only way to get the whole length out is to pull it out in 1 long tug, not easy if your a short person with a wide wasteline trying to work in the back seat of the car (please picture the mother in law tumbling around the back trying to get the whole belt out in one go! :D). Also not good for the fitting of baby seats, they're such a fiddle that you're bound to let a little slip and have to give up and try again. My 1st thought was that the previous owner's permantely fitted car seat had strained the belt, then we found the same problem on the offside one too :(

Any thoughts or help glady accepted.

Were you on a slope when you were gettin the rear passengers in? Just wondering because the inertia reel seatbelt mechanism can be effected quite badly.

Could be confined only to the back seats se the reels are mounted at a different angle?
Does anyone know a solution to this? Happened to ours today.

I am starting to get a little bit annoyed with problems now.
you will need a new seatbelt mechanism apparently as they wear out then prematurely lock in place.it will only get worse!

my rear nearside one needs replacing too....ill add it to my list.
I have the same problem with my rear seat belts been doing it for a few years and is a right pain in the b. but always passes the MOT, LR sugested new belts "might" fix it.

02 TD4
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